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group of six employees together showing why diversity hiring is important

So, you’re wondering why diversity hiring is important. Whether you have a small, large, or remote team, diversity hiring is the most vital hiring trend for you today.


What is diversity hiring?

Diversity means celebrating different age groups, cultures, and values in your organization.


With diverse hiring, you can gain a global outlook within your organization to target different customers, ideologies, and social values. Especially, today in the remote work culture, diversity hiring is the core success factor that can cut monotony in your business workflow.


However, if you haven’t yet practiced diversity hiring in your organization, let’s first understand why diversity hiring is important, and what better changes can diverse employee forces offer you before adopting this hiring system. So, let’s dig deeper into diversity hiring benefits.


A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.— Sundar Pichai


Why Is Diversity Hiring Important for Your Organisation?

Diversity hiring might sound like a small thing, but it can help you attract and retain highly competent talent from around the globe. Especially to support the present virtual recruitment system, diversity hiring helps a lot.


In fact, 67% of job seekers consider diversity while searching for new job opportunities.


View of a diverse workforce all smiling together


So, you should include diversity hiring in your company policy because:


1. It boosts productivity and livelihood

If people from the same culture and social backgrounds work in the organization, it will create a very boring work environment. There will be nothing new to discuss or learn in the company. All this will eventually reduce productivity and liveliness among the team members.


According to Forbes research, 43% to 53% of employees are bored right now in your organization. Yep, when your organization has nothing challenging and new to offer, it will automatically make your employees bored and unproductive. Hence, you should gather a diverse workforce so that each employee can learn from the other and grow together. This will bring more vibrancy to the workplace and lead to increased productivity.


2. It helps target the global market

Do you want to scale up your business operations by targeting global customers? If yes, having diverse employees can help you rule the global market.


You see, business owners, your diverse employee base can help you understand the needs and choices of the different customers. For example, if you plan to target the European market with your Indian SaaS products, hiring some local employees here will help you better understand the needs and psyche of European customers.


So, making your organisation a global brand is a key reason why diversity hiring is important.


3. It helps keep your employees motivated

Shockingly, only 15% of employees worldwide feel motivated. That means the majority of your employees don’t feel motivated to work better for your organisation. In fact, 87% of demotivated employees are likely to resign from their jobs.


Why diversity hiring is important statistic that 97% of demotivated employees quit


Therefore, to keep your employees motivated and engaged within your organisation, you should hire diversely. When you treat all employees equally in your organization without any discrimination, it will send a strong positive message out there. This, in return, will motivate your team to give their 100% to grow your business productivity.


4. It creates a multitalented and multilingual task force

One of the biggest reasons why diverse hiring is important is it gives you multitalented and multilingual employees. Locally, you might not find employees with versatile skill sets or command over different regional languages, but when you hire remotely, you have the opportunity to leverage the global talent pool.


It is common knowledge that when you have highly talented and multilingual people in your team, it can give a big push to your business success.


5. It aids in coming up with innovative solutions

With non-diverse hiring, you limit your team’s innovative thinking skills. When all your employees have the same experience and exposure, they will use the same old method to deal with a problem. And this lack of innovation can impact your business operations negatively.


For example, parameters to monitor remote team’s performance are completely different from the traditional office environment. Today, you need high-tech tools and technologies to address remote work challenges along with unique management strategies. Here if you have people experienced in remote working in your team, they can offer innovative solutions to deal with numerous operational issues.


Therefore, to harness innovative solutions in your organization, you should start diverse hiring, ASAP!


6. It improves quality and efficiency

When people possessing different experiences and skills come together to complete a project, it dramatically improves quality and efficiency. In addition, your diverse team can put different methodologies and ideas on the table that can amplify your work quality many levels up.


Automatically when you offer better quality to your customers, it will help in increasing your customer retention rate and business revenue simultaneously.


7. It boosts your employer’s brand

Team collaboration examples showing why diversity hiring is important

Your workplace diversity can also help you with promoting your employer’s brand. You can go vocal on your social media channels about how your company believes in diversity and how you encourage people from different cultures to be part of your team.


When people see your diversity goals, it will motivate highly talented people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds to work in your organization. For example, Microsoft has created a career page on Instagram where they often post content related to their diverse hiring approach.


8. It makes quick handling of workplace conflicts possible

Workplace conflicts occur at every place where opinionated and motivated people work. With diverse recruitment, you can effortlessly solve all workplace conflicts within the organisation.


That’s because every single person in the team will offer different ideas to resolve conflicts, and among so many unique ideas, you can easily find the best solution to solve conflicts.


9. Harness competitive environment

Healthy competition is great for an organization’s growth. Thus, when different-minded people work on a team, it will give birth to a little competition that can motivate employees to work harder.


This healthy competition in your organization can lead to higher profits, goodwill, and conversions in your organization.


10. It boosts employees’ confidence

If your employees lack confidence, diverse hiring will help them build confidence. When your low confident employees connect to employees working with different cultures, nations, and religions, it will work as a confidence booster for them.


11. It builds an amiable environment

A friendly work environment is what you can build with diverse employees. When people from different castes, creeds, and cultures work hand in hand, it can create an amicable environment. It will build good friendships among employees; this, in return, can bring peace and trust within the company.


Workplace Diversity — Yay or Nay?

Definitely, yay! Diversity hiring is important, as you can build a happy, healthy, and progressive work environment. You can motivate your employees to improve their productivity and skills.


Plus, diversity helps you to build an organization that can grow on international grounds and virtually succeed. So, whether your goal is to expand your business or harness a positive team culture, start promoting diversity in your workplace now!


Hiring diversely is just one way to create a high-quality workforce – learn more ways to hire quality candidates by watching our webinar on this topic.


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Ankur Machanda

September 6, 2021

Ankur is the co-founder and CEO of GreenThumbs. He is an HRTech enthusiast and a passionate entrepreneur. By education, Ankur is a Chartered Accountant. In addition to running his company, he is an avid reader and knowledge sponge.

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