Monthly Archives: December 2015

Tactics to Reduce Recruitment Costs

What are the true recruitment costs? There are direct recruitment costs, such as advertising and agency fees and then there are associated recruitment costs, such as the salaries of people involved in the recruitment process and the subsequent training and development of a new hire. There are also indirect recruitment costs, if the subsequent hire […]

How to Measure Performance and Results in Recruitment

It is critically important that recruiters and subsequently the business understand how well they are performing and what works and what doesn’t. To do that they need to generate simple, accurate reports that allow them to measure performance and establish those areas for improvement. I was told very early in my management career that ‘what […]

How To Improve Direct Applicant Quality & Quantity

I said in my opening article on this topic, that every recruiter is looking for the secret sauce to this challenge, but what I meant was, every recruiter is looking for a simple and easy to execute solution to this issue. Well there are both short term and long term solutions to deploy that we […]

Improving Your Time To Hire Metric

Measuring what you are doing is vitally important if you want to deliver a best in class service and this metric in particular is quite a key one, as it’s a pretty good indicator of how efficient your recruiting process is and provides a benchmark around which you can drive improvements. Operating an efficient recruitment […]

Don’t Wait Until January To Recruit

Typically at this time of year, recruitment slows right down. This results in a massive drop off in new jobs being released and advertised. Clients even start postponing interviews, delaying offers and pushing back start dates until the New Year. Come January, we will see quite the contrast as budgets get released and the annual […]

How to Avoid Making a Bad Hire

This is the fourth article in the series about the eight biggest challenges facing recruiters. Just to get started, let’s remind ourselves of the serious dangers and consequences of making a ‘bad hire’. Comprehensive PWC and KPMG surveys estimate that at least one in five hires turns out to be a mistake, that probably would […]