Monthly Archives: September 2016

Essential Tips to Turn Video Interview Into Your Most Powerful Selection Tool

Significant improvements in the quality and reliability of video interviews have seen a massive uptake in the use of video interviews and profiling. Also the challenges presented by multiple devices, platforms and camera technology appear to have been mostly overcome to make this a reliable and essential addition to the screening and selection of candidates […]

The Definitive Guide to Writing Job Adverts

One of the most common challenges facing anyone looking to recruit staff is writing job adverts. Not the job specification, but the advert for the opportunity. We recently reviewed more than 200 job adverts for a variety of mainstream and niche roles across various industry sectors picking 3 leading job boards and selecting the top […]

How to Use Video Interview Tools More Effectively

It sounds fairly obvious, but video interview tools¬†only work if you can get the applicants to complete the task. For me personally, one of the biggest advantages of using video interview tools, is to open up the opportunity to a wider range of applicants. Without it, the temptation is to single out a much smaller […]

The Most Common Mistakes When Using Video Interview Tools

With the ever growing popularity of video interview forming an important phase in many companies recruitment processes, you may find this list of the most common mistakes people are making – and that you might want to avoid – interesting. Firstly: It is not a video interview I would say that 90 times out of […]