Monthly Archives: January 2017

8 Reasons Your Current Recruitment Strategy Isn’t Working

1. Your adverts suck! When assessed against the key essential criteria that determines whether a job advert is likely to succeed 9/10 job adverts fail miserably. Most adverts read like a job specification and fail to follow a structure, style or tone that works and do not place anywhere near enough emphasis on what the […]

Join Us For This Year’s In House Recruitment Expo

If you are involved in recruitment or recruitment strategy for your organisation, then the In House Recruitment Expo is designed specifically for you. This is a must attend FREE event where you can meet with the leading industry suppliers. Discover, compare and contrast products and services, new and existing, as well as get the chance […]

The Ultimate Challenge for Any In-house Recruitment Strategy

Over the last 10 years I have reviewed hundreds of different recruitment technology solutions and continue to do so. I have seen unique and innovative tools that solve specific problems and I have reviewed many complete end to end systems that attempt to provide a complete solution. What I am yet to experience though,  is […]