Monthly Archives: July 2017

Google’s latest guidelines for posting job postings revealed!

Job Postings You can improve the job seeking experience by adding job posting structured data to your job posting web pages. Adding structured data makes your job postings eligible to appear in a special user experience in Google Search results. You can also integrate with Google by using a third party job site. For employers and […]

Why is my ATS NOT working as an effective Recruitment Tool!!!

If you operate in or around in house recruitment and have already acquired or you are looking to acquire or upgrade an ATS, HR System, CRM or recruitment management system, then you should find what I am about to share with you quite interesting and potentially eye opening. In fact, I hope that I can […]

Recruitment Technology is NOT the future

Quite simply, as Greg Savage put it in a recent article” the future of recruitment is where science meets art”. Where mechanical and technology solutions combine with highly sophisticated human cognitive influencing skills. You could actually stop reading at this point, if you didn’t want to know any more detail behind this, but that’s a […]