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Writing the perfect job advert

Write the Perfect Job Advert

It’s certainly true that many prospective employers do manage to successfully fill positions with their current system of advertising vacant positions. However, even greater numbers find themselves struggling to fill job vacancies simply because of their inability to write the perfect job advert. There’s a lot of reasons this happens and it’s often a mixture […]

Job advert writing and recruitment in the logistics sector

The Crisis Facing the Logistics Sector

By David Dou – Recruitment Marketing Specialist for the HR Library The British road transport sector is in the midst of a staffing crisis caused by a massive shortage of drivers, which is becoming a growing cause of concern amongst logistics operators. According the findings of a survey conducted by Paragon Systems with several thousand […]

You Could be Losing the Best Candidates

By David Dou – Recruitment Marketing Professional   Your number one role as a hiring manager is to find the right person for the job. This should be a straightforward task. However, if you find yourself losing the best candidates, it’s time to look in the mirror and make the necessary changes. Here are three […]