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Technology in recruitment
Selecting the best

The 5 most essential elements when selecting a new Online Recruitment Service

By Mark Stephens Whether it’s your first acquisition or if you have purchased recruitment technology and services many times before, it is still important to maintain a structured and considered approach, that remains focussed on your primary objectives. Choosing the wrong recruitment service is costly, frustrating and potentially damaging to the organisation. I use the […]

Questions to Ask Your Recruitment Technology or Service Provider

By Mark Stephens If you are selecting an Online Recruitment Service provider, it is vital that you ask the right questions to let you find out whether or not they will be the best for you and your company. 1. Do you describe yourselves as just a technology provider or do you support your customers […]

Doctor - recruiting in the healthcare industry

The Health & Care Industry’s Big Recruitment Wake-Up Call

By Mike Molloy   There is a sector of closely associated industries that struggle constantly with the recruitment of suitable staff and sometimes even more to retain them. The Medical, Health and Care sectors have for some time been heavily dependent on agencies and overseas workers and suffer from much higher than average attrition levels […]