Monthly Archives: May 2018

5 good Interview Questions to Ask for Cultural Fit

By Josh Tolan A job candidate may look great on paper, but will they fit within your organisation? Cultural fit is one of the most important things hiring professionals need to evaluate for in a job interview, but it’s also one of the most challenging traits to identify. Without working with an applicant, or knowing […]

Recruiting for Skills and Attitude

By Mark Stephens I spotted an interesting article recently called “The Growing Gap Between Attitude And Skills” by David K Williams, that appeared in Forbes journal recently. It caught my attention as it garnered the opinions and insights of a gentleman called Neville Gaunt, the founder and CEO of Mindfit Ltd. I have known Neville […]

Effectively Utilising Technology for Recruitment

By David Dou Recruitment is a time consuming business process that requires work carried out by several departments in the company. Recruitment technologies can play a vital role in improving the recruitment process by allowing for more efficient handling of data, faster communications and much greater efficiency in all aspects over manual processing.   Online […]

Interview no-shows and why they are becoming more common

By Mark Stephens I just read an interesting thread in a LinkedIn group and it reminded me that the issue around interview no shows has been around for a very long time and is not just a blight on modern recruiting, but the situation has been exasperated in recent years for several key reasons that […]