Monthly Archives: July 2018

How Company Culture Helps You to Retain Your Best Staff

By Kate Palmer   All employers fight a constant campaign to keep their turnover rate low, and their retention rate high. And once you have a talented and passionate employee, obviously you want to keep hold of them.   However, the modern day job world is far more competitive than ever, with employees weighing up […]

How to Get People to Respond to Your Recruiting Emails

BY: Daniel Ross Talent acquisition today is more candidate-driven than ever before. As the unemployment rate wanes to 3.9%, and job seekers become more conscious about company image, hiring professionals are faced with a shortage of talent in the job market. Although the development of advanced recruitment systems has ameliorated the pain of sourcing, competition […]

Google For Jobs has finally arrived in the UK

By Mark Stephens So after what seems like an eternity of speculation, Google For Jobs has now finally been rolled out across the UK. It might be one of the most eagerly anticipated entries into the recruitment space, given that it is Google, but it appears to me that despite everyone knowing that it is […]

What You Need to Know About the New LinkedIn Hashtag Communities

By Mario Martinez Jr. for Vengreso How do you feel about using hashtags on LinkedIn? Maybe you used them for a while and then stopped. The new LinkedIn Hashtag Communities are quietly rolling out on your desktop’s LinkedIn homepage and serve as a great way to share your content with more people using social media. The […]

A new Breed of Recruiter for 2019

By Mark Stephens The recruitment agency sector has always enjoyed growth expansion, as a constant flow of recruiters break away from their parent companies to set up on their own. Many of these new recruitment agencies fail to establish themselves, but there are always a new batch of entrepreneurial individuals ready to give it a […]

How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Recruiting Sources

By Chris Murdock Instituting new business processes can be laborious so when one is implemented, it can be easy to fall into “set it and forget it” mode. However, it is important to continuously evaluate these processes and find new products that can improve efficiency. This idea holds just as true for your recruiting resources. […]

What is Talent Mobility?

By Mike Molloy If you haven’t already come across this subject, then prepare yourself for a new recruitment phrase to enter day to day language of recruiters. Talent mobility, is I predict, about to become a new buzzword with talent retention and HR types. So what is it and how can an employer use it […]