Monthly Archives: September 2018

What Impact is GDPR Having on UK Recruitment So Far

Four months on, almost three-quarters (73%) of recruiters say the ‘GDPR’ regulation has had no impact on their use of technology and software and many recruitment companies and businesses are yet to make any changes to the way that they operate. Sixty percent of recruiters think regulators won’t strongly enforce the terms of the General […]

NHS Staff Vacancies Push Up Costs

By Annabelle Collins • NHS staff vacancies rise by almost 10% since last quarter • Nursing vacancies exceed 40,000 • NHS staff vacancies rise by almost 10% since last quarter • Providers overspend by £42m on staff pay bill due to “intense” pressure on an acute sector The number of vacant posts in NHS trusts has […]

Can I prevent an employee from joining a competitor business?

By HR 24 Post-termination obligations or restrictive covenants, within a contract of employment whereby the employee agrees not to do certain things after they leave the company are typical of employers with wide competition. They are usually difficult to enforce unless it can be proved to be reasonable and written to genuinely protect legitimate business […]

Top tips for creating a more positive workplace culture

By Lisa Cresford Employees spend the majority of their life at work, seeing colleagues and managers more than loved ones. Therefore, it is essential that employers have a positive workplace culture, moving away from the out-dated attitude towards work. Yes, work is completed on time, but often by unhappy employees who have one eye on the […]