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The future of work

How Will the Future of Work Affect the HR Industry?

By Dianna Howell, We live in a futuristic world, and there’s no doubt about that. The progress of technology has facilitated the development of the job industry to never seen before lengths. The workforce nowadays doesn’t resemble the one fifty years ago in any way, shape, or form. But what does this imply for the […]

top performing employees

How to Reward Top Performing Employees

By Ben Barlow In any workforce, there are nearly always people who outperform their peers. In fact, it has been estimated that 80% of collective output can be created by 20% of top performing individuals, so it is clear that this type of ‘super’ employee can be crucial to any business/organisation. Whilst they may be hard […]

company culture improvements

Defining Corporate Culture to Increase Your Bottom Line

by Seth Golbe Labels create a sense of order that most people either consciously or unconsciously follow. While not all labels accurately fit, in the case of defining a corporate culture, a label could be the missing piece to employee acquisition, retention or improved performance. Virgin Pulse, a company that builds loyalty and engagement through […]

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Picking the right candidate

Effective Hiring Tips for Choosing the Right Candidate

By Dianne Howell, Countless young people are joining the workforce nowadays after years and years of superior education. This has produced a generation of ambitious individuals that could be great assets for any business. As a recruiter, it is your responsibility to spot them in the crowd and staff the company with the most qualified […]


Transformation and Innovation Through Behavioural Science

By Mark Stephens Back in July this year, Sprint Valley ran a ‘Design Thinking for Transformation’ evening that was attended by Dan Brown, an Advisor to European Board of ILTA. Dan wrote an interesting report on the evening’s discussions and debates which I wanted to outline and comment on, in respect of those items that […]

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expert advice

IS HR Really Dead?

By Stuart O’Brien Why old HR doesn’t work and how to change it before it’s dead in the water By Glenn G Jones, GGJ Global Consulting Limited Note: This article is drawn from the book Human Resources Changes the World by Glenn G Jones. As someone who is passionate about HR (and I really do mean that) […]

brain mapping

Top 5 TED Talks About Culture and Leadership At A Workplace

By Michal Wisniewski, CEO, Flock Recruiting for behaviour and cultural fit is critical for many companies and can have a significant effect on the retention of staff and reduce attrition levels in the first year of employment. We have listed some of the best Ted Talks about Culture, Leadership, and Diversity at work. We hope […]

Online Apllication

Candidates Ditch Online Applications After Just 15 MINUTES

Potential candidates are willing to ditch an online application if it takes them longer than just 15 minutes to complete, according to new research from Hays. The Hays What Workers Want Report 2018, which surveyed 14,600 employers and employees, found that 71% of applicants would lose interest in a role after just a quarter of […]