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Lets Talk About the Ego

Not an obvious connection with our usual recruitment articles, but engaging and interesting none the less. Enjoy: Originally published by Kiera Tsenti for her blog In my usual habit of keeping things light, I’d like to talk about the something which is present in every single one of us. A complex beast, often mentioned and […]

7 Ways to Perfect Your Candidate Journey

Use Social Hire’s methods of streamlining your recruitment process, to provide a positive candidate journey that can significantly improve your candidate retention.   Find out more about improving your candidate retention on our free eBook “Proven Techniques to Improving Your Candidate Experience“. Download your copy here. Related articles: 8 Fixes to stop Losing the best Candidates […]

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Six Reasons Why Having an Athlete as Part of Your Team is a Winning Strategy

Extract from an article originally produced for ACT (Athlete Career Transition) When we see athletes perform at the highest level, their determination, focus and drive; it’s astonishing to think of the work that’s gone into getting them to that moment. The discipline, commitment, aggression, competitiveness, time management among so many other winning traits. Mastering all […]