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Recruiters usage of net promoter score

4 Reasons Businesses Should Leverage Net Promoter Score

By Bhavika Sharma Are you running an e-commerce store? And no matter how hard you work, your business doesn’t seem to grow? You may see that you have a high rate of customer churn, but you don’t know why. You may be frustrated as you watch your business drop each month. If things don’t change, […]

Exhibiting at Health Plus Care 2019

After a busy May with two hugely successful events, Smart Recruit Online are now looking ahead to our next event – the Health Plus Care show taking place on the 26th-27th of June. Entry is free and anyone working in the healthcare industry are welcome to attend. This is the definitive event for the health […]

Body language tips for interviews

TED Talks: Increase Confidence and Resilience at Work

By Amy Cuddy     Join us for a 20 minute animated presentation by Amy Cuddy, who has performed many years of research into what body language reveals. She talks passionately about the huge affect that just a few minutes of, what she calls  ‘power posing’ each morning can ultimately have on your day. ‘Power […]

Managing stress in recruitment

Why is Recruitment one of the Most Stressful Industries?

By Oliver Bourton Stress plagues the recruitment industry, but why is that? The Stroke Association charity identifies that the recruitment sector is the most stressful environment with 82% of consultants suffering from chronic stress and fatigue at work. Many in the industry resort to self-deprecating coping methods that only wear them down more. The uncertainty […]

Hiring Gone Digital: How To Hold A Successful Remote Interview

The number of remote interviews has nearly doubled in the past years, according to the information of Talent International. If you’re seeking to generate quality hires for your company, you will need to know how to conduct professional and successful remote interviews. However,  how can you hold a successful remote interview? Communicate Early Prior to the remote […]

Asking mentla health related questions at interviews

Can Recruiters ask about mental health at interviews?

By David Dou We start off mental health awareness week with a post covering the most important topic that faces Recruiters at the earliest stages of the recruitment process – the legality of mental health related questions during the interview process. Mental health is a difficult question to bring up at interviews. Many organisations are […]