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For most businesses today, remote work benefits are no longer an outlier. Even if full-time remote positions aren’t an option for your company, most of the workforce would prefer to work with some deviation from a standard 9 to 5 office schedule. Flexible work hours, part-time work from home and even coworking spaces are all becoming key components of the overall business landscape.


Two-thirds of employers in 2019 already offer full- or part-time remote work. Looking toward 2020 and the new decade, the upsurge toward off-site work solutions is only forecasted to increase.


There’s a good chance your recruitment team isn’t immune from the remote trend, either. Thanks to technology that allows recruiters to conduct interviews, track the progress of candidates and communicate with colleagues, remote recruiters have no challenge connecting with their teams and the company at large.


If you want to discover how today’s recruiters are adapting to their remote work styles, continue reading to learn about the top 3 remote tools connecting recruiters, staffers and HR teams.


1. Centralised Recruitment Management System

Because remote recruiters often do not have the ability to meet in person with their team members, your off-site help will need a centralised location where they can execute and organise their work. A Centralised Recruitment Management System is a tool designed to help your teams more effectively recruit and hire new talent.


In the context of remote work, Centralised Recruitment Management tools connect your recruiters through a wide array of features. Smart Recruit Online hosts our platform through the cloud, which enables your team to access this system both in and out of the office (barring an internet connection). From drafting your job description to moving candidates through the hiring funnel, SRO operates on desktops, laptops and mobile tablets, which gives you the flexibility to attract new talent wherever your day takes you.


2. VoIP Business Phones

Perhaps the most significant factor in staying connected with your teams is having effective paths for communication. That’s why many businesses offering remote work have started to look for communication tools that are just as mobile as their flex workers. A VoIP business phone is a cloud-based piece of technology that allows your recruiters to send and receive calls over an internet connection.


Similar to many tools powered through the cloud, VoIP phones give their users greater accessibility when making calls (especially compared to a hardwired landline), among other benefits. Depending on your preference, you can call your recruiting colleagues through a mobile phone, tablet or computer with a wireless connection. In the past, offering a business phone for your remote team members would require a manual installation of a new phone line in their home. But with VoIP, giving your recruiters a number is as simple as downloading the correct software. When corresponding with potential candidates, these phones become a great tool for conducting remote phone interviews from coffee shops, bookstores or other public areas.


3. Project Tracker

Although recruiters may not work on projects in the same way that your business’ delivery teams do, tracking your projects (whether that’s an individual candidate or a larger targeting campaign) proves to be invaluable for remote recruiters looking to align current and future objectives. A Project Management Software platform is a network of tools and features that helps teams successfully execute on their deliverables in a timely manner.


Because you won’t be sitting next to your team in an office, remote work poses a unique challenge in that it’s difficult to keep your team members updated on the work you’re tackling on a day-to-day basis. That’s why many project tracking tools allow you to view assignments based on the members involved in each step along the way. Creating a digital space to update your progress as you work can help management track the progress of your current hiring initiatives to ensure that you meet the deadline. Project trackers also promote a more productive work culture—one of accountability and ownership for remote recruiters who may otherwise feel out of the loop. By assigning specific tasks to individuals on your team, you can better manage resource allocations and make sure that each part of the process is accounted for.


Smart Recruit Online offers an award-winning talent attraction software that can streamline and revolutionise your recruitment. To find out what we can to for your recruitment strategy, book a demo by clicking here.'
Makenzie Libermann

December 6, 2019

Makenzie Libermann is a content specialist dedicated to covering the many technological and cultural shifts that companies face today. On the off chance she isn’t writing, you can find Makenzie researching the latest news on pop-culture or curling up with a great book.

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