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4 Fundamental Recruiting Ideas For 2019

Recruitment Fundamentals
By David Dou, Marketing Executive, Smart Recruit Online

The new year brings Recruiters new challenges caused by a variety of factors. Brexit remains the big issue, expected to create a shortfall in the workforce caused by reduced EU immigration and political and economic uncertainty hitting confidence levels.

Demographics in the recruiting landscape are also expected to change, with “Generation Z” getting closer to following the “Millennials” into the job market.

Recruiters need to adapt to the different requirement needs of the future generations of applicants in order to remain successful. In order to adapt to the evolutionary culture changes taking place, expect a much more personalised and streamlined recruitment process with more regular communications, to maintain the applicants’ interest and to prevent them from dropping out of the recruitment process.

Here are three fundamental ideas that can help you to improve your recruitment this year.

  1. Streamline your recruitment process

In order to keep your best candidates engaged and reduce candidate drop out, you should aim to maximise the efficiency of your recruitment process. Research by Hays has revealed that nearly 75% of applicants will abandon their application if the process takes longer than 15 minutes.

Having too many interview stages is another feature of an inefficient process, wasting both the candidates and interviewers’ time.

Streamline your interview process through automation and start screening candidates earlier on in the process with preliminary competency based questions before engaging in telephone or video interviews.

  1. Provide a better candidate experience

Slow responses to enquiries and lack of communications create a poor overall candidate experience that will cause you to lose your best talent. Websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor now give candidates the ability to share reviews of their interview process, making candidate experience much more important. Providing a consistently poor candidate experience can now damage your brand and your long term ability to recruit.

Maintain regular communications with all applicants throughout the process, and have the courtesy to contact unsuccessful candidates with a personalised email to let them know they have not been accepted.

A modern recruitment management system should enable ongoing communications and automated emails that maintain the flow and momentum through to either rejection or offer.

  1. Use advertising media more effectively

There are 3 main considerations when it comes to effective use of online media.

1/ Ensure that you post your job adverts on as many of the right media channels as possible.

Use an aggregator to get better value for money and ensure that they not only include all the traditional national job boards, but niche boards and publications, PPC on the aggregators, local media, social media and your own media channels too.

2/ Ensure that your job advert is properly optimised, to appear as high up in the results as possible. Being on page one will more than double the number of views your job advert receives.

3/ Write outstanding advertising copy that creates an emotional response

Your job advert is the first engagement a candidate has with your brand and company, so it’s imperative that it is written to a very high standard. In our experience, all successful job adverts have the following components:

  • The right job title that maximises views from relevant candidates
  • A powerful opening paragraph
  • A structure that includes a section dedicated to the opportunity
  • A definitive salary range
  • Your essential and desirable requirement listed towards the end of the job advert
  • A human style and tone of voice

Download a copy of our free eBook “The Ultimate Job Advert Writing Guide” to learn in greater detail how you can write job adverts that are truly effective.

  1. Use an effective ATS or recruitment management system

A recruitment management system allows recruiters to manage multiple vacancies easily and consistently. It will provide a vehicle to communicate effectively and organise interviews with much larger numbers of candidates, as well as provide a screening system that ensures you minimise the risk of making a bad hire.

Having the right blend of recruitment features will transform your recruitment process and improve the most important aspects of communications and efficiency.