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Technology is transforming hr

In any organisation, human resources are one of the most active and most overloaded departments. Needless to say, HR professionals deserve all the help they can get.


Before cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and smartphone apps, HR professionals were constantly struggling to keep up with hiring, compliance, and endless piles of paperwork. HR Technology allows for greater efficiency by simplifying tasks such as payroll, recruitment, training, and recordkeeping. Here are the top 4 ways technology is changing the face of HR.


1. Less Guesswork

Hiring new talent is a costly and time-consuming process. In the past, companies had to rely on newspapers, job postings, and face-to-face networking to recruit new hires. These methods often don’t allow recruiters to cast their nets wide in search of talent.


Before the digital age, the hiring process was complex, and it took a lot of time and money to winnow hundreds of applicants to a small handful of carefully-selected candidates. And, even with multiple interviews and candidate screenings, it wasn’t uncommon for the hire to fall short, resulting in both time and money wasted.


Now, thanks to social networks such as LinkedIn and automated screening tools, recruiting has become much easier. Candidate screening software that is powered by AI allows businesses to efficiently screen candidates from a large applicant pool, saving them time and money along the way.


By using recruitment software solutions in the early stages of the hiring process, companies can make sure the recruiters’ unconscious cognitive biases won’t stop them from unintentionally writing off the best applicants. Such software can help make sure only the best candidates make it to the final stage of the hiring process.


But even with the most advanced recruiting software, HR professionals have the final say. In the foreseeable future, finding the perfect candidate for the job will depend on a recruiter’s ability to intelligently automate the hiring process.


2. Less Paperwork

HR teams have always had a hard time staying compliant. Laws and regulations are always changing, and HR departments need to deal with more and more information and paperwork in order to ensure compliance.


And, until recently, storing that data could be an issue. An HR department had to have dedicated IT storage capacity to stay compliant.


Today, companies can securely store data in the cloud. Cloud computing allows HR professionals to easily search, access, and organize personnel data and other important electronic files. Thanks to cloud technologies, HR departments don’t need expensive storage rooms and file cabinets to keep everything in order.


HR professionals no longer need to stockpile forms or complete them in duplicate. Even government institutions allow people to easily access government forms online and print them as needed. As far as paperwork goes, HR compliance has become completely streamlined.


3. Smoother Onboarding and Training

The HR process is the same for every new hire. They need to deal with the same policies, formalities, and paperwork. They face the same issues and need to answer the same questions. If several new hires are joining the company at the same time, the onboarding and training process can get stressful for the new employees, HR staff, and everyone else involved.


To smooth things out, more and more companies are using HR Software and employee chatbots in the onboarding and training process. An AI chatbot can manage the employee onboarding journey by responding to their questions throughout and helping them gather the necessary documents and information.


By automating paperwork management, HR chatbots leave the more humanized processes to the HR pros, such as helping the new employee get better acquainted with the company culture and feel more comfortable in their new role.


Instead of waiting for an HR professional to become available, new employees can hit up the chatbot at any time of the day and get instant replies. To analyze the experience of the new hires, HR bots can also send them small feedback sheets and quizzes.


Digital training platforms allow companies to train new hires more efficiently. Since such platforms are available online, managers and HR staff no longer need to take time away from work to train newcomers.


Not only do virtual training programs allow HR teams to train a larger number of new employees, but they also allow them to effortlessly track the progress of each employee.


Moreover, HR chatbots can use computerized testing to evaluate the newcomers’ learning capabilities and suggest areas of improvement. They can also break down tutorials and thus make the training a lot easier.


4. Better Performance Management

By facilitating regular employee reviews, collecting supervisory feedback, and monitoring performance, HR staff are the ones who are driving the performance management process. Technology helps them streamline the process and eliminate many unnecessary steps.


At the moment, we are entering the next, data-driven phase of performance management. About 71% of businesses claim that people analytics are a high priority in their organization. The widespread adaptation of people analytics can be attributed to its ability to help HR pros make better decisions related to their company’s workforce.


As part of the performance management process, HR professionals can apply people analytics to sentiment data collected from thousands of interactions between managers and employees. They can use the findings to create actionable insights and make data-driven decisions related to matters such as cross-functional team staffing, succession planning, and promotions.'
Michael Deane

October 9, 2020

Michael has been working in marketing for almost a decade and has worked with a huge range of clients, which has made him knowledgeable on many different subjects. He has recently rediscovered a passion for writing and hopes to make it a daily habit. You can read more of Michael's work at Qeedle.

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