Smart Recruit Online Affiliate programme

Introduce us to your network and we will reward you with an incremental revenue for any advertising credit purchases that they make.

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Once registered you will have access to customised marketing material inside your very own partner portal.

Brochures, email content and advertising banners come embedded with links to our website that will track visitors as introductions from yourself. (Once you are registered to the programme, we recommend that you use one of the links in the advertising material to access the website and register as a Smart Recruit Online advertiser. You can then check your affiliate dashboard, to ensure that your account is working correctly).

Once a new client has registered onto the Smart Recruit Online system, they will appear inside your dashboard and you will have complete visibility of their purchasing activity and your outstanding revenue.

Once revenue reaches a minimum threshold of £500, your payment account will be activated and you will be able to request payment directly to your own bank account.

Affiliate commissions are calculated at 25% of net margin. Net margin is calculated by deducting the cost of advertising from the sale price.

Advertising costs are calculated at £100 per job posting credit. e.g. Your client purchases 5 credits at £1500. Advertising costs are calculated at £500. Commission payable at 25% of £1000 = £250 For full details on the partner terms and conditions, please click here

To discuss the affiliate and partner programmes, in the first instance please contact Mark Stephens on 0800 634 1818 or email