Step 1

Always choose a job title that candidates can find. Avoid using job titles that are specific to your own company.
It is better to choose a generic job title (e.g. Sales Manager or business development manager) in order to maximise applicant response.
Think of some other alternative job titles that candidates will likely search for on job boards.
This will help improve the position of your job advert when candidates perform searches on job boards and search engines like google.
List maximum of 5 keywords (phrases) sepparated by comma.
Include the town and postcode to help with your search ranking visibility.
Include a salary range that is both competetive and realistic to what you will be offering.
Did you know by including a salary you can expect to see an increase of 50% more applications! If you can't advertise the correct salary band, it is better to put £10,000 - £100,000 rather than leave it blank
As well as a competitive salary, include anything else that will be included in their contract. For example are you offering private healthcare? Pension contributions? Company car? Training?
Anything you list here could help encourage that all important applicant to apply.
We use advance risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.

Step 2

For the next 3 sections we have provided some sample copy taken from previously successful adverts for you to utilise or to inspire you. Feel free to copy and paste or to drag or drop from the sample copy into the dialog post.

The elevator pitch is an important section that is usually picked up by the job boards and used as a summary of your job.
Suggestion 1:

Would you like to take on a role that allows you to take ownership of your work, be creative in your approach and get rewarded for your contribution and commitment?
Are you hungry and ambitious for more success and responsibility?
Do you ever feel that your current role just isn't fulfilling or rewarding enough?
In your new role as a ***** working with us, you can expect to be challenged, as we will give you as much responsibility as you can handle.
We're looking for a confident, talented, seasoned leader to own our ***** strategy and delivery, drive market growth across the ***** markets.
We want you to bring your unique set of skills and experience to a special place where you can reach your true potential.

Suggestion 2:

Has anyone ever told you that you are outstanding at what you do?
We are looking for a fearless and talented individual like you who can join our mission to be the best that the industry has to offer.
We want you to bring your unique set of skills and experience to a special place where you can reach your true potential.
Is this you? Because it looks like you. That is if you are the intelligent hard working one with lots of ideas, that we have been looking for.

Suggestion 3:

Are you looking for a new, bigger more exciting challenge?
And how would you like to earn in excess of £50k next year while you are doing it?
Opportunities like this don't come around too often, so you will need to be willing to give everything that you have got to make it happen and succeed?
We need the freshest, the finest and the bravest talents out there, to help us make it big. If you're ready to ride a rocket, we're looking for astronauts.

Suggestion 4:

Would you like to take on a new role that can really get your creative juices flowing?
We are looking for that special someone to join us and bring that innovative spark with them.
We solve problems and overcome challenges for a living here, so positivity energy flows through our veins.
As we're doing something no one has ever done before, there's an abundance of things we need help with.

Suggestion 5:

Do you live and breathe your job? If you do, then we are searching for a ***** mastermind-with commercial nous. Like a team of adventurers forging their way into a new continent, we are forging our way into the unknown...
It would not be an overstatement to say that we are revolutionizing the **** market place with our disruptive business model that that is innovative and practical in the way that it is solving problems.
We're looking for a fresh-faced **** to join our ever-growing team. You'll need to be a whizz with a solid knowledge of *** and a fervent interest in ***.

Use It
This can be anything you feel that makes your company stand out above all others. Such as friendly team environment, opportunities for personal development, training or overtime, access to facilities such as gym?
Suggestion 1:

This is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside a team of dedicated professionals and experts that are truly some of the best in their field.
You will receive all the training you need to fast track yourself to success.
If you are looking for a career, with genuine opportunities to move up the ladder, then we are a company that want to help you, guide you and inspire you to achieve your full potential.

Suggestion 2:

Working with internationally recognised and market leading brands, this role will push you to your limits and enable you to grow in capability and confidence.
There is an excellent support network and a team of industry professionals around you while you get to grips with the job.
Hopefully over time you will establish yourself as the go to person and will join a long list of predecessors that have gone on to inspire the next generations of people under you.

Suggestion 3:

This role is ideally suited to a career minded, ambitious individual who is looking for that unique opportunity to prove what they can do and then be rewarded for it.
We will test your skills and capability to their limits, but this will enable you to grow as you keep learning and evolving with the job.
The job will give you some fantastic opportunities to work across different sectors, with a variety of people at all levels of seniority.

Suggestion 4:

We are a small close knit team that support each other like a family.
You will enjoy working closely alongside your experienced colleagues to deliver and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction that the industry has to offer.
Our rewards often come in the form of the satisfaction that doing the job well brings.
Knowing that you have contributed in a positive way and potentially changed someone's life for the better is part of the job, that you could not put a price on.

Suggestion 5:

We are an exciting, well-funded start up organisation, with all the buzz that brings.
Everyone in the team is an essential part of the machine right now.
We still don't know for sure where this journey is going, but what we do know, is that the people joining us now will have a fantastic opportunity to be part of something truly ground-breaking.
Being in at the start will certainly fast track some people's careers as we plan to grow rapidly and will need some of you to grow with us at the same pace.

Use It
Start with a one line intro to the company: This should clarify what your company does? Who and where are your customers? What are your products or services?
  • Short description of the role
  • List Duties / tasks
  • Short description of the team make up
  • Outline the opportunity
Suggestion 1:

We're looking for a confident, talented, seasoned leader to own our *** strategy and delivery, and drive market growth across the **** markets.
In this role you will be focussed on developing the business plan along with our management team and the deploying the company strategy across your department.
You will be responsible for the recruitment, training and mentoring of new team members, leading by example in a hands on capacity.

Suggestion 2:

The role involves delivering complex solutions to a wide range of challenges. You will need to liaise directly with other departments and individuals.
Our head of department will be on hand to ensure that you receive all the support you need.
Our clients are established industry icons such as Coca Cola and Nestle, as well as smaller boutique style operations.
We provide Everything you need to do the job. Although you can bring your own pencils if you like...

Suggestion 3:

We are looking for a genuine team player who can work alongside a team of experts and industry professionals.
Come and be a part of a winning team, working amongst like-minded people, who want to put a 'zing' in everything they do.

Suggestion 4:

We are looking for an inspirational leader to steer our team of talented individuals and to help them reach their potential.
You will receive all the support you need from our senior management team as we work together to bring success to this department and the company as a whole.
We work with a wide range of small and large corporate clients across a range of industry sectors, so the challenges are varied every day.

Suggestion 5:

We are looking for fearless individuals who can sell with confidence and panache.
You will be responsible for generating your own business opportunities as well as following up on inbound enquiries generated by our marketing team.
The earning potential here is open ended with many of this team exceeding six figures.

Use It

Step 3

Only list those items that are 100% essential.
The job advert is not a qualifier, it is an advert to attract a diverse range of applicants. You can always screen the applicants after they have applied. If you put them off with too many requirements, you may have just missed out on an outstanding applicant.
Use Highly desirable rather than loading up the essential criteria section.
Remember, this is the wish list only, but the clever use of keywords in this section can help to improve search results.
Use everything you can to establish that this is a great company to work for.
Describe its culture, the products it sells, the people that work there, the clients you work with, achievements, growth, areas of expertise, awards etc.

Step 4

Your job advert is ready. If you are happy with it please fill in your details.

Please provide a valid email address to ensure your advert gets to you.
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