Our Vision

Intelligent connections between opportunities and talent.

Our Mission

To put the Smart Recruit Online Platform in the hands of businesses seeking the best talent for the lowest cost online.

What We Do

At Smart Recruit Online we ensure that you can quickly find and hire the best talent online for less. We go well beyond the traditional ATS, combining talent attraction with recruitment management for a best-in-class solution.

Our easy-to-use platform comes fully integrated with all the tools you need to make quality hires, including; a Job Advert Generator tool to help you create the perfect job advert, a Multi-Poster linked to thousands of job boards, and state-of-the-art CV Parsing software amongst other screening tools.

We supply you with all of the solutions you need to hire quality applicants at a fraction of the cost. For more information on the features of the platform click here.

Our Story

Having worked in the recruitment industry since 1999, Mark founded Smart Recruit Online in 2011. He had the vision to provide a more intelligent, effective fixed-price recruitment solution.

The platform you see today is a result of over 10 years of extensive research into existing recruitment technology. Including surveying over 5000 companies and more than 5000 applicants, and partnerships with two leading universities.

This has resulted in SRO picking up more than 6 international awards, dozens of industry acknowledgments, and outperforming every other online recruitment service in the UK.

At the heart of our success are our people, who are proud of the difference they make to our client's hiring processes.

Meet The Team

Mark Stephens
Director, Founder & CEO
Chantel George
Executive Assistant to CEO & Office Manager
Greg Dorban
VP Marketing
Nadia Puspitarini
Marketing Executive
Morgan Russel
Business Development Manager
Imogen Smith
Web & Content Manager
Simon Billsberry
Director & Chief Commercial Officer
Ben Pelster
Client Success Manager
Raza Ahmed
Lead Developer
Arvind Sood
Chief Technical Officer
Bethany Orton-Statham
Business Development Manager
Joe Slavin
David Baker
Lead Investor
Nick Johnston
Director & Investor
Charles Sanderson
Chief Finance Officer

What our customers say about us

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