About Us

Smart Recruit Online (SRO) is an evidence based, talent acquisition and recruitment management system, going well beyond any traditional ATS.

Our multi-award winning recruitment system comes fully integrated with the latest Parsing, AI and Machine Learning software. The software sits behind a simple, easy to use and intuitive dashboard that makes it more efficient and cost-effective for recruiters to make good hiring decisions.

Extensive research and an understanding of human behaviour is combined with the latest technology, to deliver tangible results.

We help each user optimise results at every stage throughout the recruitment lifecycle. This delivers improvements to applicant quantity and quality, as well as reducing administration time throughout the recruitment process.

SRO currently supports over 700 clients and more than 27,000 UK based recruiters. Our best in class recruitment tools means we’ve maintained a 98% independently assessed satisfaction rating since 2016.

We are one of the largest media buyers in the UK, providing recruiters with a huge network of relevant advertising channels for a reduced cost.

Our Story

Established in 2011, by founder Mark Stephens, to provide more intelligent, effective fixed price recruitment solutions. Mark has worked in the recruitment sector since 1999.

Our evidence based approach to online recruiting is the result of over 10 years of extensive research into existing recruitment technology. Including surveying over 5000 companies and more than 5000 applicants, and partnerships with two leading universities.

This has resulted in SRO picking up more than 6 international awards, dozens of industry acknowledgments and outperforming every other online recruitment service in the UK. Key metrics we excel in are applicant quality, candidate satisfaction ratings, first time fill rate, total fill rate without the use of 3rd party providers, average cost per hire and user satisfaction ratings.

Our comprehensive development program is heavily influenced by our users, who contribute towards our platform design and build, whilst also maintaining an ever present focus on the future. This ensures we are always ahead of the competition when it comes to adopting new techniques and integrating new tools and features.

At the heart of our success are our people and culture, because without a company-wide commitment to excellence in every facet, what we have achieved would not be possible. We take great pleasure in the testimonials received and the evidence described in our case studies, outlining the significant impact that we have made to our client’s hiring processes.

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