About Us


Thank you for visiting Smart Recruit Online

We formed Smart Recruit Online in 2009 in order to satisfy the growing demand for fixed price recruitment services and to cater for the growing number of companies bringing recruitment back in house. We understand the challenges in house recruiters face around quantity and quality of applications, choosing the right partners and advertising channels, and keeping costs to a minimum. We decided that we would develop a service that supported this activity.

Since we launched in 2010, we have been working on the development of our fully automated service, Smart Recruit Online, designed to address the 5 biggest challenges facing recruiters today.

Our senior team here at Smart Recruit Online have over 100 years of recruitment experience between us. We have worked closely with our technology partners over the past couple of years, to take the existing online model and super charge it with intelligent software that makes it significantly better at finding, attracting and selecting the best candidates.

Smart Recruit Online is an industry game changer and the biggest beneficiary will be the clients using the service.

However, we are not finished here, as we are passionate about developing this project further. So why not contact us and let us know your thoughts on where you think that the service can be improved or enhanced? We are putting together a list of future developments for our technology guys to work on right now and we would love to hear from you.