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Who and what is Smart Recruit Online?

Smart Recruit Online support over 25,000 UK Recruiters with a unique blend of best in class recruitment technology, tools and processes to aid the delivery of a more efficient and effective direct hire recruitment process.

We are also one of the largest Media buyers in the UK, providing recruiters with a massive network of relevant advertising channels for one low cost fee and assisting with copywriting and keyword optimising techniques, that maximise response rates from every job advert posted.

Our centrepiece is SRO V4 (an ATS system on steroids), integrated with multiple selection and screening tools and supported by an outstanding team of recruitment professionals, dedicated and focussed on helping all of our users to achieve the best outcomes possible from a direct hiring strategy on every single campaign that you run.

We have been achieving the highest direct hire fulfilment rates in the online recruitment industry for many years and maintained a 98% independently assessed satisfaction rating for the last 18 months.

SRO is simple and easy to use, with the most consistent results and we are always helping recruiters to fill jobs in the fastest possible time and at the lowest cost, with the best quality applicants available.

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We Make Your Recruitment Simple.

Step 1

Write the perfect job advert

Use our unique Job Advert Generator tool to get started and then let our in house team of copywriters perform a final check, recommend changes and offer optimisation of the correct keywords. They will also assess structure, style and tone in your advertising copy, and essentially anything that will help to encourage more potential candidates to hit the apply button.

Your benefits:

  • Generate more than twice as many applicants than the industry average
  • Increase direct applications for your hard to fill and niche roles
  • Perfectly well written and optimised job adverts
  • Improved candidate quality that gets jobs filled faster
Step 2

Get the job advertised

SRO provides the most extensive advertising network available in the UK for a single fee. Your job will be posted across an extensive network of over 4500 job boards and social media channels.

Your benefits:

  • Reduced agency fees and dependency by up to 90%
  • Less time is spent working on the recruitment process
  • Enjoy an average time to hire of under 16 days against a national average of 33 days
  • Personalised email campaigns that target the best talent for your role
  • Jobs can simultaneously be posted to all your own social media networks
Step 3

Screen, rate and communicate with candidates

All candidates are screened initially by Burning Glass, our state of the art parsing technology. The platform allows users to deliver and maintain a great candidate experience through the whole recruitment cycle.

Your benefits:

  • Variety of pre-screening tools: video profiling, behavioural tests, application forms and background checks
  • Parsing technology places candidates in order of suitability stopping you having to work through every CV manually
  • Easy communication with your candidates through mass mailing of personalised emails to candidates
  • Prism Brain Mapping allows you to establish a benchmark of cultural and behavioural preferences
Step 4

Campaign management

The applicant tracking system we have built is highly complex, yet intuitive. It requires no training but can perform a multitude of functions that allow you to work efficiently to speed up the recruiting process. The system is flexible and adaptable enough to each company's individual processes and objectives.

Your benefits:

  • SRO has an API so that it can be quickly and easily integrated with another system
  • Reduces man hours by up to 50%
  • The authorisation process is set up so that all parties are encouraged to either approve or reject a request
  • All your recruitment activity can be managed from within our dashboard
  • You can make multiple hires from one recruitment campaign
Step 5


The SRO system will report on any activities taking place, providing the opportunity to measure and improve all aspects within the recruitment lifecycle.

Your benefits:

  • All your recruitment activity is stored and recorded efficiently in one place to improve reporting efficiency