PRISM is simple to deploy on a per job basis. It is easy to understand and highly insightful, in allowing the recruiter to establish areas of potential conflict between the perceived behavioural and Cultural requirements of the business and the cultural and behavioural preferences of the individual. Prism has been fully integrated into the SRO platform for ease of use.

The Prism platform delivers four core assessments that are essential for job success:

  • Cognitive Ability or General Reasoning (commensurate with what the job requires) normed against the general population to allow direct comparisons of all candidates whatever the job role.

  • Personality (key traits needed for success in a job role) – using the ‘Big Five’ trait theory derived from 16PF (Personality Factors) psychology.

  • Attitude to Work (identifies potential for counter-productive behaviours) – providing additional job-related indicators that complement the personality measures.

  • Engagement (with past employment & employer) which identifies work-related motivation levels.