Recruitment Assessment

Recruitment Assessment is the leading UK provider of Online Business Skills Testing. Their sole focus is helping clients, of every size and type, make their recruitment process more effective, saving them both time and money by ensuring that job applicants actually have the skills needed to perform their specific roles.

  • Flexible Volume Pre-recruitment Assessments

  • Rapid Shortlist Testing

  • Custom Questions and Tests

You will have access to 100’s of pre-configured tests, over 50,000 library questions and optionally the ability to create your own private questions. What differentiates is that whether your requirements are small and occasional or high volume and frequent you can have custom tests that exactly match your job specification. If you are concerned that you do not have the skills to define a test, don’t be, that’s part of the integrated service that they offer to help you..

Get The Best Candidates By Ensuring They Have The Skills You Require

  • Test Effectively

  • Test Rapidly

  • Test Affordably

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