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HR Leaders

Job Skills Needed for HR Leaders of the Future

Human resources originally evolved out of a personnel-based function rooted in administrative and compliance-driven tasks that historically haven’t been perceived as adding value to organisations in the same way that sales, marketing, or engineering do. And if you dissect old-school HR teams, you’ll find many practitioners who’ve spent most of their careers in the field; career […]


4 Simple Ways for HR Teams to Modernise Their Workflows

The age of technology has arrived, whether or not you and your HR department are prepared for it. The modern business landscape enjoys the exponential pace at which technology evolves, but the cost of such rapid development is that many organizations end up quickly falling behind. This means that your competitors may be capitalising on […]

The future of work

Mistakes to avoid when writing cold recruiting emails

Companies require the best talent for them to thrive and this makes recruitment a key aspect in the operations of any organisation. When sourcing for the best talent, most HR departments opt to email potential candidates in the hope that they will open the email and apply for the open position. Most recruiters, however, make […]

talent acquisition

The talent acquisition landscape is changing

HR departments must fully embrace the internet age when acquiring new talent, new research has revealed. A survey of 1,167 UK HR professionals carried out by leading digital marketing agency,, revealed that 68% of HR departments are having to embrace a new approach to hiring staff. Although the internet age is firmly upon us, […]

Business Health and Wellbeing

Smart Recruit Online Sponsor Health & Wellbeing Event

Bottom row left to right: Jenny Woolford, General Manager Your Office Space LTD, Sam Crooks, Mayor of Milton Keynes, Victoria Beale, CEO and Founding Director Business Live UK LTD Middle row left to right: Mark Stephens, CEO and Founding Director Smart Recruit Online, Martyn Price, Managing Director, BDM Business Solutions Top row left to right: […]

Smart Recruit Online - Talent Attraction Software

Talent Attraction Software – How SRO can increase your fill rates

A recent C-Suite Challenge 2019 survey identified that globally, CEOs place attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 internal priority and concern. This is backed up by a CIPD survey of over 1000 major organisations where 98% of CEO’s identified that a successful talent attraction strategy was the most critical element to effective commercial […]

Candidate care

Why candidate care is essential

By Andrea Cleary, Socialtalent Hiring can sometimes feel like a one-sided activity – we look for talent, and when we find the perfect fit for our teams, we hire them. It’s important to remember the position of the candidate during this process. Recruitment is an everyday occurrence for the hiring professional, but it can actually […]

Smart Recruit Online Case Study - Securitas

SRO Case Study – Securitas

Securitas are now one of the biggest security providers in the UK, employing over 10,000 people. On a global scale the company employs over 370,000 employees across 58 different countries including North America, Europe, and Australia. Smart Recruit Online (SRO) has worked with Securitas since late 2018 and in the short time that we have […]

The future of work

How to increase engagement in HR technology

Article originally published by Gareth Jones for LinkedIn post “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” – Albert Einstein In case you missed it, Josh Bersin published a piece last week entitled “The Employee Experience Platform: A New Category Arrives.” An interesting read, not least […]