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Danielle Meakin - 6 Comments - 29 Sep 2019

Would you like to help your members to address one of the biggest challenges that they face in growing their business? At a time when companies really do need all the help that they can get?

According to research conducted by the CIPD, across more than 1000 UK companies, the recruitment of new talent is still the most important factor affecting successful corporate growth.


free recruitment services


Given the ruthless and indiscriminate impact of CV19 on most of your members, and the subsequent effects that this will have on future corporate recruitment activity and growth when the rebound begins; it will be more important now than ever, for them to embrace the most effective tools, free recruitment services and processes, in order to optimise efficiencies and keep costs to a minimum.

Who are we? Smart Recruit Online (SRO) are a Multi-award winning, best in class online recruitment company, providing cost-effective online recruitment software solutions, advanced recruitment tools and services, designed to help companies save time and money.

What can we do for you? We provide Trade Organisations and Industry Publications with an advanced job board feature, that can quickly be integrated into your marketing website so that you can provide free recruitment advertising services to all your existing members. Individuals looking for employment opportunities will be able to access the jobs within your industry sector too.

Why do this with us? This service can be provided to your organisation and members 100% free of charge. There is no IT integration necessary and no resources are required to support it, just a great new feature, that will add value to your existing and prospective memberships. Any of your members that subsequently purchase any paid-for media or recruitment services through us, will do so on a revenue share basis, thus providing you with an attractive new revenue stream, without incurring any cost or effort.

What can we do for your members? Via your website, we will provide your members with a free job advertising channel. We will also provide every member that registers, with a free best in class, multi-award-winning recruitment management system or ATS.

Members will have access to the very latest suite of recruitment tools, designed to make their recruitment more efficient and effective, while also improving outcomes and reducing recruitment costs. Tools & Features include ATS platform, integrated parsing and AI software to deliver a highly automated experience for both recruiter and applicant, Application form builder, Video technology suite, behavioural assessments, interview scheduler, background checker and much more.

They will also have access to our outstanding customer support team and receive expert advice throughout.

There are also a number of low-cost, paid-for services that will be made available to members, in order to enhance their recruitment capabilities. Economies of scale, due to our bulk buying ability, will provide your members with media options and complimentary services at significantly lower costs, than when dealing directly with suppliers, thus adding significant commercial value to this complimentary service.

How do I find out more? Contact the Smart Recruit Online Office on 01908 268368. Ask to speak to either Gary Green or Mark Stephens on the Partnerships team and arrange a short online demonstration.

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SRO team up with peoplevalue to give small businesses FREE ACCESS to EMPLOYEE BENEFITS
Danielle Meakin - 6 Comments - 29 Sep 2019

We are delighted to announce that we are working with peoplevalue, one of the UK’s leading employee benefits companies, to give small businesses free access to their benefits solution myworkperks.

The coronavirus pandemic has emphasised just how important it is for businesses to look after their employees. Small businesses, who usually have less money and resources to support their employees in normal circumstances, are now also having to fight to survive in this new world that we’re living in. This means it’s even more difficult for them to provide the benefits and support their employees deserve.

To offer a helping hand in this challenging time, we’ve teamed up with peoplevalue to give small businesses free-for-life access to myworkperks, peoplevalue’s employee benefits solution.


Wellness and Mental Health


What is myworkperks?

myworkperks was designed by peoplevalue to make employee benefits accessible and affordable for small businesses. Businesses sign up via the myworkperks website. From there they can set up their very own benefits platform. This usually starts at a cost of £5 per employee, per month.

Benefits include shopping discounts, discounted cinema tickets and competitions. You will also have access to an internal recognition tool as well as a suite of wellbeing features. These range from a debt management service to online fitness classes.


Supporting small businesses

In this challenging time, it’s even more valuable for small businesses to be able to provide benefits and support that make their employees’ lives that bit easier. We’re delighted to be able to offer our small business contacts free access to myworkperks. You will need to enter the following promotional code SR2020 to register for free. Through the platform, their employees will be able to save money on their essential shopping at the supermarket, as well as a fantastic range of other benefits and wellbeing features.

To find out more about myworkperks, visit

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UK Recruitment Industry launches NHS Initiative
Danielle Meakin - 6 Comments - 29 Sep 2019

Without a doubt, the Coronavirus has hit UK businesses hard and in less than two weeks the recruitment industry has effectively been brought to its knees with online revenues being reduced by around 70% – almost literally, overnight.

Commenting on the crisis Mark Stephens, CEO at Smart Recruit Online (SRO) said, “Despite the issues we’re all facing at the moment we’re united in our battle to fight through this crisis, along with other industry sectors that have been hit just as hard and, in some cases, even worse than us.

On the front line, fighting the effects of this virus on a humanitarian level, are the NHS and its brave and courageous staff.  Unfortunately, they are already light on numbers as many NHS staff have contracted the virus and are now in isolation.  This is placing massive amounts of pressure on those remaining to cope with increasing casualties and a growing problem.

“Recruiting replacements and volunteers is a major challenge and the UK recruitment industry, despite its own predicament, is stepping up to do what it can to support this NHS staffing crisis.”

Mark has brought together recruitment industry leaders and has created a recruitment initiative which he is now driving forward.  Adds Mark, “Initially I decided to use the spare capacity I have within my own business to help address the front-line staffing issues affecting the NHS right now.  Then, I approached some of the major Job Boards to establish whether there was an appetite for a collaborative effort and the initiative was soon up and running.”

SRO will provide NHS Hospitals and Trusts with free access to its award-winning recruitment system, tools, screening and support services and the Job Boards and media channels have agreed to provide free advertising for NHS jobs posted from within the SRO platform.

Commenting on why he has created this initiative Mark says, “We are in a privileged position where our businesses can combine our efforts to help and support the NHS, without actually placing ourselves into harms’ way.  The NHS and its staff are amazing.  They are our front line troops in protecting the most vulnerable and those affected by this virus.  We are proud to be part of the UK recruitment sector that has put aside its own difficulties and challenges to collaborate on such a worthwhile initiative.”

Theakreh Mosley, Talent Acquisition Lead, NHS Property Services who is tasked with recruiting hundreds of replacement staff across the UK for administrators, cleaners and kitchen staff said, “You guys are amazing.  Thank you so much, we really appreciate your help through this initiative.”

So how will SRO and its collaborators be able to help the NHS?  Mark explains, “The SRO platform will act as central cloud-based, plug and play recruitment system.  It is designed to make the recruitment of staff simpler and more effective than any other means of recruiting staff online.  The system is integrated with the latest AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to automate large parts of the recruitment process so that it delivers a better user and applicant experience and will save NHS recruiters lots of time during their screening and selection process.  The system also comes pre-integrated with some of the latest recruitment screening tools too, including dynamic forms, video profiling, behavioural assessments and reference and ID checking.  The video technology enables remote interviewing capability and SRO, uniquely, allows clients to onboard and complete basic training in less than an hour.  This is something that will prove critical in maximising the number of NHS functions that will be able to take advantage of this service and offer.

“The SRO platform is fully integrated with leading Recruitment Technology provided by Broadbean and Burning Glass that will allow NHS recruiters to rapidly create and post job adverts, manage and screen applicants effectively and quickly for front line NHS positions.  This will all be complemented by free national recruitment advertising media provided by the UK’s leading job boards including CV Library, Reed, Totaljobs, Guardian Jobs, Monster and JobsToday.  With such a strong collaboration, we are confident that we’ll be able to positively contribute to the recruitment of key NHS staff that are essential in enabling us to fight  Coronavirus.”


Quotes generated By Industry Leaders on this initiative:


Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library added, “These are truly challenging times and sadly the recruitment industry is feeling the effects.  However, we’re also part of the solution.  By harnessing our expertise and working together with companies like Smart Recruit Online we can help the NHS to tackle what lies ahead and recruit the front line staff our country so desperately needs.  We’re delighted to be a part of this initiative and to help push these roles in front of the 15 million candidates in our database, including 1.1 million healthcare professionals.”

Ruth Edwards, Business Development Director at Talent in Logistics commented saying, “Dealing with the outbreak of Covid-19 is a big enough challenge for the logistics sector.  There is a high demand on the supply chain, with the need to keep shops, hospitals and fuel stations stocked.  In these unusual times, we understand that extra resource and staff are needed to fulfil operational and delivery requirements and are, therefore, delighted to be part of this important initiative.”

“Our goals are clear,” concluded Mark.  “We will assist the NHS wherever we can in the recruitment of staff to ensure that front line positions are filled quickly.”


How you can help


  • NHS – If you work within the NHS and need to recruit front line staff, then call 0800 634 1818 and speak to the Smart Recruit Online team who will get you set up quickly and your jobs live within 24 hours.



  • General public – Please share this information with your entire network.  We need to get this message in front of as many NHS recruiting staff as possible

Smart Recruit Online

Smart Recruit Online Sponsor Health & Wellbeing Event
Danielle Meakin - 6 Comments - 29 Sep 2019

SRO sponsor wellbeing event at Bannatyne

Smart Recruit Online (SRO) is proud to be a primary sponsor of the Health Before Wealth event taking place at Bannatyne Milton Keynes in Winter Gardens on Thursday 19th September, in partnership with Business Live.

CEO of SRO, Mark Stephens commented; “we are committed to working with HR Teams to address mental and physical health issues. This is a growing concern for all businesses and we believe that HR is well-positioned to take a leading role in supporting wellness and wellbeing in the workplace. We look forward to supporting this initiative with Business Live and Bannatyne’s”.

“Unfortunately, while health and safety in the workplace is standard, health and wellbeing is all too often an afterthought. We’re on a mission to change that,” said Victoria Beale, CEO Business Live UK Ltd.

Early bird tickets are still available at just £10 each via Eventbrite, here you can also find the full agenda for the evening and gain access to more information about who is attending, supporting and sponsoring the event.

Watch a short promo video about the event here.

Health & Wellbeing Group


Who is the event for?

The event is designed specifically for Senior HR decision-makers, business owners and managers who have an interest in supporting physical and mental health and general wellness in the workplace, both for themselves and for their staff.

There will be health and wellbeing speakers addressing these important issues, providing insights and practical ideas, which can then be taken away and applied into the business.

You will also be invited to try some of Bannatyne’s ‘Mini Treatments’ and there will be buffet food and drinks also provided.

Come along and network with other HR professionals in a relaxed environment

When people put health first, wealth will follow.




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