- May 29, 2020

Discover the power of combining mindfulness with kindness, and how to implement ‘kindfulness’ into your daily routine.

Mental health awareness
Mental Health – Lets Keep Talking
- May 22, 2020

Read our insight into mental health awareness and the importance of maintaining an open dialogue.

Online Mindfulness
Essential Online Mindfulness for Work
- May 21, 2020

Discover how to easily implement an online mindfulness programme to support your remote team.

Are You Too Old? Overcoming Ageism At Work
- May 18, 2020

Discover how age discrimination within the workplace still occurs, and what can be done to put an end to this bias.

practice mindfulness
How practicing Mindfulness can help to prevent Burnout
- May 15, 2020

Discover how mindfulness can be used as an effective coping strategy for enhanced health and wellbeing.

Why is isolation and lockdown so stressful?
- May 13, 2020

We explore how the stress of isolation has impacted on our psychology and mental health.

unsafe remote working
Is Covid-19 causing unsafe remote working?
- May 07, 2020

Find out if your remote workforce is working securely and discover simple ways to improve your cybersecurity.

self esteem
How to Build Self Esteem – The Guide to Healthy Confidence
- May 04, 2020

Read the ultimate guide to building self-esteem and confidence.

working from home
Ways You Can Help Your Employees Working From Home Succeed In Their Roles 
- Apr 29, 2020

Read our article to find out how to effectively support and encourage your employees working from home.

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