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Join us for a free personalised demo

Discover the features:
  • Highest direct hire fulfilment rates in the UK
  • 98% independent satisfaction rating
  • Widest advertising network in the UK
  • Highest applicant conversion rates
  • Huge potential cost and time savings
  • Latest technology and unparalleled customer support
  • API Integration & Cloud Base Solution
  • Measure the effectiveness of your strategies
  • Gain insight into your recruitment lifecycle
  • Access to best in class recruitment tools
  • Automate email, sms and notification communication
  • In-built tools to help with video, forms & interviews
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What to expect from your product tour

Simple & Effective

End-to-End Cloud Based Recruitment Service

Our online walk through (delivered via screen share) takes 20 – 40 minutes depending on the number of questions you address at the end. During the screen share / demonstration we will show you features within the SRO system, that are designed to help you recruit smarter, faster and always at the lowest possible cost.

Step 1

Talent attraction features and tools that will help you to:

Generate higher numbers of applications

Improve applicant quality

Convert more passive applications

Stay fully compliant with GDPR

What you will experience

How we obtain the maximum amount of online advertising coverage for the lowest possible cost

Lowest cost UK media buying service

Dramatically reduce agency recruitment costs

Campaign management features and tools that will help you to:

Improve recruitment efficiency and save time on recruitment activity

Identify the best applicants quicker

Spend significantly less time with unsuitable applicants

Improve the applicant experience and strengthen your corporate brand

Candidate selection and screening tools and features that will help you to:

Obtain more information about candiates relevant competencies

Identifty best fit for skills and experience

Identify best fit for cultural and behavioural alignment

Make more intelligent hiring decisions