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Cut Down Your Time-to-Hire With These Strategies

Time to hire

By Ray O’Donnell

Recruiters and HR professionals work hard to find and attract the best talent to their organisations. And it’s certainly not an easy task given that countless organisations fight for the same talent pool.

So it’s not surprising that the main priority for 83% of recruiters is to find and attract top talent. However, it requires a lot of time and effort to find the right candidates and hire them.

Fortunately, with the right strategies, you can find the best talent in minimal time. That will benefit you as well as your candidates.

Create a Proper Hiring Process

If you want to reduce your time to hire employees, you need to start with a structured hiring process. This can help you shorten your time to hire. Better organisation and streamlined information will help make sure that you connect and follow up with the right candidates at the right time.

Connect with Candidates via Digital Interviews

Digital interviews are conducted by many organisations these days in order to speed up the hiring process. These interviews are conducted online and candidates can take assessment tests or attend face-to-face interviews from their desktop or mobile devices.

Interviewing candidates digitally reduces the time-to-hire by a great extent. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of setting up a face-to-face interview if the candidate is not suitable for the role.

Try to connect with candidates through digital interviews as you can easily get a sense of their personalities. It can also help you determine if they might be a good fit for your company culture.

Automated Screening

You can speed up the screening process using automation. Automation can help you hire quality talent in less time. With automated screening, you can scan job descriptions as well as information from resumes and match them against each other to identify the best candidates.

Look Beyond Job Boards

You can also use different sources instead of depending on job boards to decrease your time-to-hire. Some option includes:

Paid Advertisements: If you have a large enough budget, you can run ads to promote your job openings. This can help you increase awareness of your openings and can bring in promising candidates.

Referrals: Your existing employees can also help you bring quality candidates to your company. You can offer some sort of incentive to reward employees who refer their friends and acquaintances.