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CV-Library boss reveals why recruiters should work closely with Marketing

HR and recruitment team meeting

By Sophie Parrott

Getting a job advert right is crucial. Ads that provide candidates with the appropriate information to inform their decision will be deemed more attractive and are more likely to boast higher response rates. However, Citizens Advice research has shown that historically jobseekers aren’t given the right information from the get-go.

Stats have found that two in five job adverts were unclear about whether the job was full or part-time, while one in ten job postings didn’t specify either an employer or an agency on the advert. So, what can recruiters do to improve their job adverts and bolster candidate attraction?

John Salt, Deputy Managing Director at CV-Library states that there is one key tip that can help recruiters create better performing job adverts. Though Salt is adamant that it’s not about the job advert itself; it’s the content included within the advert.

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He said: “We really turned the mirror on ourselves and thought what do our job adverts look like? We realised that our job adverts were written by HR or line managers and we had just updated them over the years so some of the [details included in them] were really archaic.

“It was a case of that’s fine, that’ll do, it’s got enough keywords in, it’s got right location, salary expectations and job title.”

However, CV-Library soon came to the realisation that if they involved their marketing specialists – whose job it is to write content in an engaging way – they would have a better chance of appealing to candidates.

He said that the marketing department, coupled with line managers or HR – who have specialist insights into the role requirements and the field – would be able to successfully re-write numerous vacancy adverts to make them sound more engaging.

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He explained: “[We] updated them and renewed them and then we saw a different and a wider set of applications coming through and that’s why we are trying to pass it on as a tip to everyone else.”

And, particularly with the war for talent, Brexit uncertainties and the UK economy posing as such challenges for recruiters going forwards, Salt explains that candidate attraction should be a top priority for recruiters.

“It’s so competitive, you’ve got to stand out as a recruiter as a place that people want to come and work with. How you write those adverts, where you put them, where you put those CV databases, where you are searching [are all important factors].” And this interest is spurred by the job adverts that recruitment firms are circulating on behalf of their clients for candidates.

So, the key takeaway for recruiters is to consider who is writing your job adverts.

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