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Does your recruitment process damage your company brand?

   •    You want quality candidates.

   •    You want quality candidates who apply for your positions to be brand advocates.

   •    You want quality candidates to remain brand advocates even when not engaged for the advertised role.

Throughout the recruitment process your company brand authority has to be a priority; professional, engaging, exciting, unique, whatever applies to you.

A lack of candidate interaction throughout your recruitment process can seriously damage your company brand. It may prevent a candidate from applying to any of your future roles and worse they could share their bad experience with others; using social media in particular, which could impact on future quality candidates failing to apply.

So what steps can you take to ensure you protect – or enhance – your company brand?

Let’s start first with the application process…

How easy is it to apply to your role?

Did you know…?

Over 90% of candidates who reach a careers site do not apply (FR. John Sullivan & Associates)

Is your careers site easy to apply to? Can you apply for the role at the click of a button or do you have to sign up and complete a long application form?

Application forms dramatically reduce application rates. Why not encourage the candidate to apply for the role first and then later screen? Otherwise you could lose the details of a great applicant who does not currently have the time to complete your application process.

We all abandon eCommerce shopping sites when the order process is too long, laborious or perceived as difficult. Recruitment application forms are just the same.

Is your careers site mobile?

‘43% of candidates regularly use a mobile device for their job search’ (2014 Jobsite Social recruiting survey)

Ensure your careers site and application process is as mobile friendly as possible, compatible with smart phones & tablets, whether this be on your own site or through a third party recruitment solution.

Prepare and set expectations

Are you managing candidate expectations? Let them know how long the process will take, prepare them for what they may need, e.g. 2 references. Make it as easy as possible for the candidate to apply. Remember often the best candidates are not actively looking.

company brand (2)

Always remember to view the candidates prospective..

Imagine you found a job role you were really excited about…

Now imagine you went through all the effort to complete the online application form and took the time to write an individual cover letter to the company.  Perhaps you were given several hoops to jump through too, such as a task to complete, a video interview or a behavioural test.

Now imagine not hearing anything back for weeks on end to finally conclude you didn’t get the job. You would most likely never waste your time applying for a job role at that company again?

And your perception of that company? Enough said.

This is a situation that happens all too often but what if that candidate wasn’t right for this job but was perfect for another?

You could be throwing away talent!

If this isn’t bad enough what if you were throwing away a potential future customer!

Brand perception #fail!

Don’t forget you need candidates as much as they need you! So always communicate!

Communication and Feedback

Consider your communication process.  Do you provide feedback to all your candidates? Do you let a candidate know if they have been unsuccessful? Do you let them know why?

Did you know…?

In a recent study, Talentboard reported that 91.4% of employers did not contact unsuitable candidates beyond acknowledging that they had received their application.

And even more surprising 31.9% of candidates received no information to help prepare for the interview’.  (Talentboard, non-profit organisation that gives access to aggregated candidate experience datasets)

Providing feedback to ALL candidates needn’t be time consuming. Smart Recruit Online can send personalised emails to all your candidates.

You can also keep your candidates informed, e.g. where they are in the recruitment process; so if the process is going to take longer than you thought, let them know at the click of a button.

          •     Communication is key with all candidates.

          •     Communication protects and enhances your company brand.

          •     Candidate Interaction means Communication.


About the author

mark-stephens-smart-recruit-online-300x221Mark Stephens has worked within the recruitment sector for nearly 20 years both in-house and agency side and more recently within the technology environment.

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and is the founder of Smart Recruit Online, the Recruitment Alliance and The HR & Recruitment Resource Library.

Mark has dedicated his time since 2007 researching the online recruitment sector from a user, technology, and candidate perspective and is regularly published and quoted by leading industry publications for his research and personal opinions.

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