Talent Attraction

Get your talent attraction process right every time. Our fully integrated Multi-Poster connected to 4500 job boards and Job Advert Generator Tool get the perfect job advert posted on exactly the right sites for your target audience.

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Recruitment Management

Collaborate with team members, generate dynamic reports to understand campaign performance, and make admin tasks simple and efficient with our easy-to-use, intuitively styled platform.

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Smart Recruit Online Dashboard

Candidate Screening

Ensure you always make the best hires with Smart Recruit Online’s range of advanced candidate screening tools. Just use our intelligent CV Parsing & Grading software, a combination of tools, or all of them to help shortlist your candidates.

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candidate screening

Candidate Communication

Good candidate communication is essential, it can mean the difference when hiring the perfect candidate. Using the SRO platform makes communication easy and centralises all of it in one place.

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candidate communication

Customer Support

Our team of professionals will support you through the onboarding process, all the way to copywriters performing final checks on your job adverts.

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customer support

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