Attracting Candidates

Get your talent attraction process right every time, with tools selected to get your jobs written for and seen by the right candidates online.

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view of the SRO job advert generator to attract candidates

Recruitment Management System

Managing your recruitment doesn’t need to be complicated. Collaborate with team members, manage access, and make tasks simple and efficient from one, easy-to-use platform.

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the smart recruit online recruitment management system

Recruitment Screening Software

Ensure you always make the best hires with Smart Recruit Online’s range of advanced candidate screening tools. Just use our intelligent CV Parsing & Grading software, a combination of tools, or all of them to help shortlist your candidates.

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Candidate Engagement Platform

Candidate engagement is essential if you want to give them a great experience. Our platform makes candidate engagement easy and stops you losing your best talent.

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Screenshot of the SRO platform engaging with candidates via email

Recruitment Automation Software

Keep your recruitment process as simple and efficient as possible with our recruitment automation software.

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The Smart Recruit Online candidate database

AI CV Screening Software

Fast track to the best candidates with AI CV Screening Software, designed to screen applicants as efficiently as possible.

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screenshot of platform ai cv screening

Recruitment Analytics & Reporting

If you want to keep driving better hiring decisions, then Recruitment Analytics & Reporting is a vital part of the process.

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screenshot of recruitment performance section of the platform

Candidate Background Checks

If you want to ensure you’ve got the right candidate for the job, background checks are an essential part of the recruitment process.

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Man holding a pair of glasses in front of his face

Recruitment Onboarding Software

If you want to retain your best hires and foster good business performance, properly onboarding new employees is essential.

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the smart recruit online recruitment management system

Talent Assessment Tools

Making the wrong hire comes at a huge cost to your business’ performance. To avoid this, talent assessment tools are invaluable.

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Video profiling feature on the smart recruit online dashboard

PPC & Programmatic Recruitment Software

Maximise your job visibility online with our PPC & Programmatic Recruitment Software.

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platform screenshot of where you can bulk buy job board credits

Video Screening Software

A range of video screening tools that make hiring a smoother, more convenient process for you and your candidates.

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person sat at a desk on a video call

Diversity Recruiting Tools

Find and hire more diverse talent, build high performance teams, and grow revenue with diversity recruiting tools.

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View of the blind CV candidate screening tool

Employer Branding Software

Employer branding software designed to get you ahead of the competition and keep the best candidates interested.

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view of a laptop with a woman on it

Social Recruiting Software

Get your roles advertised across the top social media channels with the click of a button, and watch your application numbers rise.

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Banner for the eBook on Recruitment Process Optimisation

Multiple Job Board Advertising

Get your roles seen on the UK’s leading job boards by the best candidates with our multiple job board advertising tool.

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logos of the job boards the multiple job board advertising tool posts on

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