Candidate Communication

Candidate communication throughout the recruitment process is absolutely key.

In a survey of over 250,000 candidates, conducted by Indeed, the number one negative highlighted by applicants was poor communication from companies they had applied to. Poor communication loses applicants and damages your brand, Smart Recruit Online makes it simple and intuitive.

From automated workflows, email templates and interview scheduling, you can handle all of the communication with your candidates within your SRO platform.

Automated and bulk communications

Within the platform, you can easily set up automated workflows specific to each job advert. Send automated email responses to each and every applicant acknowledging their application, thanking them and providing them with more information and company assets that will build on their interest in your opportunity.

For high volume or entry level roles, you might want to automate the first phase of the screening and shortlisting process.

The system also allows you to send personalised bulk communication emails and SMS messages.

Email and SMS

Administrators of the platform can set up and edit template emails and SMS messages that users and agencies can use throughout the recruitment cycle. This means that communication remains consistent and your team all have the same templates to work from. Protecting your company brand.

All communication through the platform with a candidate is kept within their profile and in chronological order. Meaning you will never lose track of where you are with a candidate again.

Interview Scheduling

Our advanced interview scheduler tool will make booking and scheduling interviews simple.

Create multiple interview slots and invite multiple applicants simultaneously. Once interviews are booked by candidates, your Smart Recruit Online and personal calendars will both be updated. Team members and the applicant are then notified by email.

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