Candidate Screening


Smart Recruit Online’s advanced candidate screening tools are designed and selected to help you evaluate applicants. And most importantly, make better hiring decisions.

Our multi-award winning platform is integrated with advanced AI, machine learning and predictive analytics technology. These tools all take the effort out of shortlisting candidates for relevance. When combined with our other screening tools, finding the perfect candidate is made significantly easier.

Pick and choose which tools to use for your job roles, the process can be completely tailored for each campaign you run.

Advanced CV Parsing & Grading

Our fully integrated CV Parsing and Grading software is provided by Burning Glass. The technology will automatically populate data, rank, and grade every applicant the moment they arrive in your dashboard. This ensures the candidates best suited to your role are always at the top of your prospect list.

Accurate CV ranking and grading software improves administration efficiency, avoids human errors, removes bias and fast tracks the recruiter to the best applicants. Clients using our system have indicated average time savings in excess of 40%.

View of SRO's CV parsing software for candidate screening

Informative Candidate Profiles

All of the information relating to the candidate is centralised within their profile on your dashboard. So everything can be seen in one place, from their CV and assessments to feedback and notes from Hiring Managers.

Give candidates star-ratings and assign statuses such as Shortlisted, Interviewed and Offer Made as you move them through your recruitment pipeline. You can also do this in bulk to save time and progress multiple candidates between stages.

View of SRO's candidate screening profiles with star ratings on key candidate metrics

Pre-screening Tools

Automated, personalised email responses can be set up within the system. These can include links to additional information or tasks, such as application forms, video profile request or technical tests. The configurable form builder is completely flexible to fit your needs.

Auto decline questions can also be applied within application forms too, to help remove unsuitable applicants on high volume roles, saving you time and effort. For more on setting up workflows visit Candidate Communication.

View of SRO's form builder tool for candidate pre employment screening

Video Profiling

Now that you a shortlist of candidates, you can then request that they send you a short video of themselves answering pre-defined questions. This tool is particularly useful for customer facing roles. You have control over the number of questions asked and also the time allowed for the candidate to answer.

Video profiling gives you unique insights into a candidates presentation, communication skills, confidence and personality, and can help you choose the final shortlist for interview.

Behavioural Assessments

Behavioural assessments are the perfect way to understand if a candidate is genuinely motivated and engaged in the type of work that your job vacancy offers.

We partner with PRISM Brain Mapping to offer you this tool within the platform. You build the benchmark and the candidate will fill out a series of multiple-choice questions.

From those answers, you will have a much better understanding of where potential areas of conflict might exist and help you to avoid hiring people that leave within the first few months of employment.

Behavioural assessment metrics investigated with SRO's candidate screening software

View of SRO's candidate screening profiles with star ratings on key candidate metricsRecruitment Management
Email template example for SRO's candidate communication toolsCandidate Communication

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