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Want to make sure you’re hiring the right candidate for the job? Start with Smart Recruit Online’s recruitment screening software – all available on one, easy-to-use platform.

So how does Smart Recruit Online help you screen candidates?

Check out these benefits that you’ll get with our platform…

Automated CV Parsing & Grading

Ensure the best candidates are always at the top of your prospect list with automated CV parsing and grading technology. This automatically populates data, ranks, and grades every applicant the moment they apply to your role.

This candidate screening software also improves administration efficiency, avoids human error, removes bias, and fast tracks the recruiter to the best applicants. Those using this software save an average of 40% in administration time.

Keep track of your recruitment pipeline

Informative Candidate Profiles

Everything related to a candidate can be seen in one place on their profile within your platform dashboard – from their CV and assessments to feedback and notes from hiring managers.

You can give candidates star-ratings and assign statuses such as Shortlisted, Interviewed, and Offer Made and they move through your recruitment pipeline. This can be done in bulk saving you time, and progressing multiple candidates between stages.

the smart recruit online recruitment screening software

Pre-Screening Tools

Easily send applicants links to additional information or tasks like application forms, video profile requests or technical tests using automated email responses. These can be set up and personalised within the platform, with a configurable form builder completely flexible to fit your needs.

Save yourself time and effort during the candidate screening process with auto-decline questions that will help remove unsuitable applicants on high volume roles.

Video Profiling

Get unique insight into candidate presentation, communication skills, confidence and personality with video profiling software. You can request candidates send a short, pre-recorded video of themselves answering pre-defined questions.

You have total control over the number of questions asked, and time allowed for the candidate to answer. This candidate screening tool is particularly useful for customer facing roles, and will help you choose the final shortlist for interview.

Behavioural Assessments

Behavioural assessments are the perfect candidate screening software to understand if a candidate is genuinely motivated and engaged in the type of work your vacancy offers.

Within the platform you can build a benchmark, and have candidates fill out a series of multiple-choice questions. This will give you a much better understanding of areas of potential conflict, so you can avoid hiring the wrong candidate that leaves within the first few months of employment.

DE&I Tools

We help companies fulfil their DE&I objectives in three ways. Our Blind CV tool redacts information that can influence bias when reviewing applications. You can create and use DE&I forms to gather diversity information on each applicant and ensure your recruitment process is inclusive.

AI ranking software can also be used to analyse applications for keywords and career history, selecting candidates in a way that avoids human error and bias.

View of the blind CV candidate screening tool

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