The Customer Support Team at Smart Recruit Online operates as an extension to your own HR and Recruitment Team. They will work with you to achieve the best results for each and every recruitment campaign that you run.


Our Customer Support strategy starts on day one, hand-holding you through the onboarding process and initial training 

Assistance with media selection, copywriting and job optimisation techniques

Assistance with monitoring of your job adverts and users

Managed Services to help with screening and interview scheduling, especially if you are struggling for time

Help with system configuration and any customisation requests to ensure we provide the best fit for your business


We have designed our system so that onboarding typically takes less than 2 days and no more than a few hours of your time. Some clients can be operational and with jobs live in just a couple of hours.

We provide two key 45 minute sessions as standard, to train Administrators and then users on how to get the best out of the platform. We do this via a series of screen shares, which we can record if anyone wishes to watch it again. The recording can also be used as a training aid for any future new users that want to get started straight away.

We can tailor the training to suit you and your needs, and as a licensed paying user of the system, you will enjoy unlimited access to your Account Manager and the Support Team.

Client Support

Our Support Team will be available to respond to all queries during business hours, either by phone or email. You also have use of the Help tool within the platform, which includes video tutorials on key elements in the dashboard as well as regularly updated FAQs.

We can also offer high-level strategy meetings with a member of our senior management team. Together we can assess the performance of your campaigns and work together on where they can be improved.


Our dedicated copywriting team will assess all paid job adverts posted via the system, helping you optimise results and maximise application rates.

We will help you create a job advert that follows many years of research and tried and tested techniques that consistently work. We will work with you to ensure your job advert contains all the critical components in the right order, adopting the right style and tone for your target audience and the correct keywords.

Our paid media campaigns have generated the highest number of applications of any online recruitment service in the UK for many years now, proving that our techniques genuinely work.


The Smart Recruit Online Platform is designed to provide the user with maximum flexibility to adapt and configure the main components within the system. It works in line with how you want to work, but can also be adapted to meet specific objectives too.

We employ our own internal development team, which allows us to respond very quickly to any customisation requests.

We have over 200 features that have already been developed for other clients. Simply let us know your specific business needs, and it may be a case of activating that feature for your account.

Managed Services

There may be occasions where you are snowed under and you need a little extra help. We don't want your jobs to suffer, so you have the option to take advantage of our Managed Services.

We have a flexible workforce who will assist where required, from managing a job and screening candidates, to searching job board databases for relevant candidates. We can then contact them on your behalf and place them within your dashboard ready for a conversation with you or your Hiring Manager.

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