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Attract and retain the best candidates.

In today’s candidate-led market, your employer brand has never been more important. Our platform comes fully equipped with employer branding software that will get you ahead of the competition and keep the best candidates interested in working with you.

So how does Smart Recruit Online help your employer brand?

Check out these benefits you’ll get with our platform…

Write job ads that stand out.

Your job advert is often a candidate’s first look into your employer brand. Our team of expert copywriters help you write job adverts with the right style, tone, and structure to catch applicant attention and fully communicate your company’s unique culture. You can even include important company assets alongside your ad such as a video, brochure and website links.

view of the SRO job advert generator to attract candidates

Keep candidates engaged.

Poor communication with candidates is one of the biggest killers of your employer brand. Our platform comes with tools that make candidate communication and engagement much simpler. Send automated communications at vital points, such as acknowledging applications, screening tasks, and even rejections.

Screenshot of the SRO platform engaging with candidates via email

Improve your candidate experience.

Your candidate experience is a huge driver of your employer brand. Those who have a negative experience with you are likely to tell others about it, which could affect talent applying with you in future. Keep every applicant’s experience positive with access to numerous tools. From automated communications, to keeping track of where you are with every candidate.

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