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Keep your recruitment process as simple and efficient as possible.

If you want to streamline and simplify your recruitment, then Recruitment Automation Software is one of the most effective ways to do this. Our platform comes with tools that use intelligent AI and software designed to make hiring talent more efficient. All from one, easy-to-use platform.

So how does Smart Recruit Online help automate your recruitment?

Check out these benefits you’ll get with the platform…

Create a better candidate experience.

A complicated recruitment process is one of the top reasons for a poor candidate experience. Recruitment automation software makes your process much more efficient, particularly in the early stages.

You will gain access to automated CV parsing, which collects and scans CVs for relevance. This avoids the need for candidates to fill out lengthy forms at the point of application, creating fewer drop offs.

the smart recruit online recruitment screening software

Free up your recruiters’ time and save money.

When you automate traditionally manual tasks, your recruiters can focus their efforts on other important areas like engaging with your top candidates.

Avoid the need to sift through CVs, manually send off background checks, and post job ads on each individual job board. Our platform comes with tools that automate your screening process, and a job multi-poster that lets you post to numerous free and premium job channels at the click of a button.

A mix of job board logos together

Make candidate communication easier.

Good candidate communication is vital for their experience. Our platform includes automated candidate communication software for vital points in their journey – simply set up workflows to acknowledge applications, give updates, thank you messages, and even bulk rejections.

You will also access an interview scheduling tool that automatically blocks out your recruiters’ calendars, and ensures no candidate falls through the cracks.

Smart Recruit Online platform screenshot of the interview scheduling feature

Make better quality hires.

A systemic, automated approach to recruitment avoids the pitfalls of human bias and error. For example, our AI CV scanning tool ranks candidates in order of suitability using intelligent, completely un-biased automation software.

This means you’re more likely to make higher quality hires, and continually improve your recruitment process.

screenshot of the smart recruit online product dashboard

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Automating key parts of your recruitment process frees up your recruiters' time to be spent on important areas like connecting with your best candidates. It also removes the risk of human error and bias that can occur with traditional, manual recruitment tasks.
When you book a demo of the platform, one of our consultants will give you a virtual walkthrough of the platform tailored to your specific recruitment objectives. These are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour long with no hard selling.
Yes, you can refer to our GDPR policy here.
Our Support Team is on-hand to help you with any questions you have about the platform and getting the most out of your use of it – we don’t just leave you to your own devices! You also have access to a Help tool within the platform, video tutorials, and FAQs.

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