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Manage all your recruitment activity in one, simple place.

If you want to effectively manage your recruitment, a good Recruitment Management System is vital. Our Talent Acquisition Platform comes with numerous tools that help you manage your entire recruitment process, all from one, easy-to-use platform.

So how does Smart Recruit Online help with recruitment management?

Check out these benefits that you’ll get with our platform…

All your recruitment activity in one place.

All information on your candidates, jobs, and progress are accessible from one platform. This makes everything more efficient for your team, and the easy-to-use dashboard means you cut down precious time spent on administration duties.

This leads to a better experience for the user and candidate, meaning better results for your recruitment campaigns!

screenshot of the smart recruit online product dashboard

Better team collaboration.

With the platform accessible to your whole hiring team, you can collaborate at every stage of the recruitment lifecycle. Leave notes and ratings against key candidates, and stop chasing down Hiring Managers and sifting through emails for feedback.

Control permissions of colleagues so they can only access approved platform features and tasks, and rest easy the right people are getting input.

Video profiling feature on the smart recruit online dashboard

Manage agencies more effectively.

If you’re still using recruitment agencies for certain roles, the recruitment management system centralises this activity. Administrators can assign jobs to agencies to provide individual applications, or manage the whole campaign for you.

Agencies can only issue applicants to the jobs you invite them to, and duplicate applications can be identified and declined automatically.

Smart Recruit Online platform screenshot of where you can manage agencies

Highly configurable to suit your business.

You can configure the system to suit your specific business needs. Select what notifications you want sent straight to your email address, and which only appear in-platform. For example, you can automatically receive an email when a new application comes in for a priority role.

You can also set up email templates and add Approvers, members of your team who approve job adverts before they are sent out onto the job boards.

Smart Recruit Online platform screenshot of where you can manage notification settings

Complete security.

Every appropriate step has been taken to ensure the platform is fully GDPR compliant with high levels of encryption and security, giving peace of mind to our customers and their candidates.

You can also manage your own retention policy, so you can decide how long to keep candidate data within your platform. For more information, visit out GDPR Policy page.

Smart Recruit Online platform screenshot of data retention features

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Frequently asked questions

A recruitment management system is a set of tools intended to manage the recruiting process, improving efficiencies, and the experience for both your recruiters and candidates.
Without an efficient recruitment system, numerous areas of your hiring process can be affected. Whether it’s your hiring quality, the time sunk into administration work, hitting your KPIs, or keeping your candidate data secure, using a recruitment management system simplifies and improves all of this and more.
When you book a demo of the platform, one of our consultants will give you a virtual walkthrough of the platform tailored to your specific recruitment objectives. These are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour long with no hard selling.
Yes, you can refer to our GDPR policy here.
Our Support Team is on-hand to help you with any questions you have about the platform and getting the most out of your use of it – we don’t just leave you to your own devices! You also have access to a Help tool within the platform, video tutorials, and FAQs.

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