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Make sure you’re hiring the right candidate for the job.

Making the wrong hire comes at a huge cost to your business’ performance. If you want to avoid this, talent assessment tools are invaluable. Our platform tools ensure candidates have the right skills, experience, and cultural fit for your business before hire. From personality assessments to behavioural testing, we’ve got something for the job.

So how does Smart Recruit Online help with talent assessment?

Check out these benefits you’ll get with our platform…

Choose candidates on behavioural suitability.

Behavioural assessments are the perfect talent assessment tool to understand if a candidate is genuinely motivated and engaged in the type of work your vacancy offers.

Within the platform you can build a benchmark, and have candidates fill out a series of multiple-choice questions. This will give you a much better understanding of areas of potential conflict, so you can avoid hiring the wrong candidate that leaves within the first few months of employment.

screenshot of a behavioural talent assessment tool

Match candidates on cultural fit.

Get unique insight into candidate presentation, communication skills, confidence and personality with our video profiling software. Simply request candidates send a short, pre-recorded video of themselves answering questions.

You have total control over the number of questions asked, and time allowed for the candidate to answer. This assessment tool is particularly useful for customer facing roles, and will help you choose the final shortlist for interview.

Video profiling feature on the smart recruit online dashboard

Improve business performance.

When you make the right hire who is motivated, engaged, and has the skills needed to succeed, your business performance naturally improves. Increased sales, reduced attrition levels, and efficient working are just a few of the key benefits.

The ability to send these talent assessments automatically as part of a workflow also means your time-to-hire is reduced. This means a better candidate experience, fewer drop offs, and a more efficient recruitment process!

Reporting feature of applicant tracking system

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