free recruitment services
Free Recruitment Services for your members
- May 04, 2020

Would you like to help your members to address one of the biggest challenges that they face in growing their business? At a time when companies really do need all the help that they can get?

According to research conducted by the CIPD, across more than 1000 UK companies, the recruitment of new talent is still the most important factor affecting successful corporate growth.


free recruitment services


Given the ruthless and indiscriminate impact of CV19 on most of your members, and the subsequent effects that this will have on future corporate recruitment activity and growth when the rebound begins; it will be more important now than ever, for them to embrace the most effective tools, free recruitment services and processes, in order to optimise efficiencies and keep costs to a minimum.

Who are we? Smart Recruit Online (SRO) are a Multi-award winning, best in class online recruitment company, providing cost-effective online recruitment software solutions, advanced recruitment tools and services, designed to help companies save time and money.

What can we do for you? We provide Trade Organisations and Industry Publications with an advanced job board feature, that can quickly be integrated into your marketing website so that you can provide free recruitment advertising services to all your existing members. Individuals looking for employment opportunities will be able to access the jobs within your industry sector too.

Why do this with us? This service can be provided to your organisation and members 100% free of charge. There is no IT integration necessary and no resources are required to support it, just a great new feature, that will add value to your existing and prospective memberships. Any of your members that subsequently purchase any paid-for media or recruitment services through us, will do so on a revenue share basis, thus providing you with an attractive new revenue stream, without incurring any cost or effort.

What can we do for your members? Via your website, we will provide your members with a free job advertising channel. We will also provide every member that registers, with a free best in class, multi-award-winning recruitment management system or ATS.

Members will have access to the very latest suite of recruitment tools, designed to make their recruitment more efficient and effective, while also improving outcomes and reducing recruitment costs. Tools & Features include ATS platform, integrated parsing and AI software to deliver a highly automated experience for both recruiter and applicant, Application form builder, Video technology suite, behavioural assessments, interview scheduler, background checker and much more.

They will also have access to our outstanding customer support team and receive expert advice throughout.

There are also a number of low-cost, paid-for services that will be made available to members, in order to enhance their recruitment capabilities. Economies of scale, due to our bulk buying ability, will provide your members with media options and complimentary services at significantly lower costs, than when dealing directly with suppliers, thus adding significant commercial value to this complimentary service.

How do I find out more? Contact the Smart Recruit Online Office on 01908 268368. Ask to speak to either Gary Green or Mark Stephens on the Partnerships team and arrange a short online demonstration.

Smart Recruit Online

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