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Generating More Direct Applications for Your Jobs

A recent performance report published by the team at WaveTrackR listed the average number of job applications being generated by the leading media channels in the UK.

The report took the results from more than 1000 different generic roles between February and March.

What was interesting about the results when compared to our own data, was firstly the average application rates, which were significantly lower than those generated by ourselves across the same channels when compared to a sample of 100 generic job adverts posted during the same period, with a differential of between 23 and 40% increase in application numbers. We will put this down to a higher standard of advert writing, as all SRO jobs go through a stringent process.

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However, what this once again highlights, is the dominance of the leading job boards and the need to maximise exposure of your jobs through the use of the widest media network possible.

Even if we take the figures published here as a guide, we can see that even generic, relatively easy to fill roles require coverage across multimedia channels in order to generate a rich pool of talent to work with.

Typically only the top 20% of applications are likely to meet or come close to your desired criteria and when deploying a thorough due diligence process, most of us would like to see at least 10 strong candidates entering the later stages of screening.

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