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Health, Wellbeing & Mental Health Community goes live


By Mark Stephens

Its time to take action

As a nation, we are travelling head-first into a national crisis around mental health, with the NHS and GP’s already overloaded beyond their capacity.

Subsequently, without the resources to cope, individuals are being signed off work and prescribed antidepressants at an alarming rate. This is leading to an ever-increasing number of sick days, thus impacting individual businesses and costing billions of pounds in revenue losses to the economy each year already.

Businesses cannot rely on the government to address this issue. The solution sits within the realms of corporate responsibility and unless we each take action to address this very real issue, we will undoubtedly suffer the repercussions through disruptions to workflow and productivity ourselves.

However, there is a reward for adopting a more caring culture that supports a genuine and practical approach to the wellbeing of staff, as businesses will inadvertently be establishing a more attractive cultural brand that will appeal to the future talent that they would like to attract.

Health and Wellbeing Events

Together with our trusted partners, we have come together to create a Health and Wellbeing Community, which will help you to address this issue. Our core team already contains more than 50 CEO’s, experts and practitioners and we are aligned with more than 50 organisations providing practical solutions across diet, health, fitness, alternative medicines, DNA research, holistic solutions, financial debt resolution, company benefit schemes and more.

Our efforts will be directed towards running regular health and wellness-themed events across the UK for Senior HR, business owners and individuals who are responsible for corporate wellbeing initiatives within their business. Giving you the chance to attend and meet with peers, practitioners, suppliers and industry professionals to hear personal stories and establish meaningful relationships.

The purpose of this group and ultimately these events is to educate businesses on how to support staff from the perspective of both mental & physical health and to share and generate practical ideas to take into your business. Ultimately leading to increased staff retention, productivity, and overall business success.

A successful launch

The launch of our Health and Wellbeing event a few weeks ago was hugely successful, hosted by Bannatyne Health & Fitness and professionally run and organised by the team at Business Live UK, we are pleased to say that the feedback has been outstanding and we are looking forward to announcing the next set of dates and locations as we take this event on a UK wide tour.

If you work in or around HR and the company you work with are looking at health, wellbeing or mental-health initiatives, then these events offer a fantastic way to explore what and who is out there providing meaningful resources and solutions. Our events are hosted in a totally relaxed non-sales environment, with free food, drink, great speakers and of course collaborations alongside industry peers.

The following video was filmed at the launch event; over 75 individual businesses attended along with 20 carefully selected industry suppliers, and our team of organisers, promoters, sponsors and speakers.

You can watch the video here

If you would like to join our Health, Wellness and Mental Health community, share ideas, get useful insights, engage with experts and stay informed about future events, then please join our community and group on LinkedIn: Here


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