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Hiring Gone Digital: How To Hold A Successful Remote Interview

The number of remote interviews has nearly doubled in the past years, according to the information of Talent International. If you’re seeking to generate quality hires for your company, you will need to know how to conduct professional and successful remote interviews. However,  how can you hold a successful remote interview?

Communicate Early

Prior to the remote interview, it helps to email the applicants with a clear set of guidelines regarding the remote interview. For example, setting the exact time of the interview, who calls whom, and the like are important points to establish, according to the University of York. Not only does this streamline the process but it saves you time during the actual interview as you won’t have to explain it again. It also helps you weed out those that pay attention to details and follow instructions—both quite vital for desirable candidates.

Exude Visual Professionalism

Despite the digital form of the interview, your attire must fit the business environment you want to cultivate in your company. If your company is more casual, business casual attire makes sense. For a more formal setting, the business professional attire should be your go-to like a smart plain top or a suit with slacks. The point is to present a visual, professional air so that the candidate knows that a remote interview is just as serious as a physical one. It also helps give you a boost in your confidence as the interviewer.

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Have Set Questions Ready

If you’re conducting interviews, you should already have a good idea regarding the qualities that you are seeking in your job applicants. It helps to have a list of questions ready prior to the interview. Having set questions ready saves you time and gives you a controlled set of criteria to evaluate your potential hires. Make sure the questions count like providing open-ended queries. These help you feel out the ability of the candidate to think critically. It also helps you see if their values align with your company’s. 

Just because the interview is done online or remotely does not mean that it should not carry the same dignity and air of face-to-face interaction. Doing your part to ensure that the remote interview has all the ingredients to make it as successful as possible will increase your odds of finding a good hire. Always remember that your remote interview can provide the bricks towards your company’s good reputation.

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By Lucy Wyndham, Independent Recruitment Journalist

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