Looking for a low cost recruitment solution? When it comes to reducing costs, we don’t just focus on one area. Our recruitment platform lets you take control of your whole recruitment strategy, from writing job adverts, to advertising on thousands of job boards and making more direct hires. We will help you cut costs from the right places and advertise more efficiently to get more from your budget.

Write the Perfect Job Advert

Our low cost recruitment platform gives you the ability to write the perfect job advert with our inbuilt Job Advert Generator. Paired with our expert copywriters who will oversee every job advert you create; it results in your advert having the best chance of being seen by the perfect candidate.

The complete process is quick and easy to follow, meaning that you have more control over your adverts and reduces the money spent on expensive agencies.

Visit our Talent Attraction Feature page for more information on how the Job Advert Generator works.

Advertise your Jobs For Less

Once you have your job advert, you can use our platform to distribute it to over 4,500 job boards. This can be done at the click of a button and is far more low cost recruitment option than advertising on the boards separately. You can then just watch as the candidates flow into your personalised dashboard. For more information on the job boards we use, visit Talent Attraction

Make Better Hiring Decisions

Our recruitment platform will enable you to filter out the best-suited candidates for your role. Used in conjunction with our other screening tools, the chance of making a bad hire will be outdated, helping you create a low cost recruitment strategy. For a full list of all the tools you can utilise, visit Candidate Screening.

Make More Direct Hires

Streamlining your recruitment strategy by reducing the budget and dependency on agencies is easy with our platform. Take back control and hire more candidates directly. The candidates that don’t get through first-time are saved in your own candidate database and can be utilised at a later date. (meaning £0 cost for that next hire!)

Improve PerformanceImprove Recruitment Performance

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