Our advanced recruitment platform will get you high quality candidates, transforming those you were previously receiving. Our platform will guide you through the process to publish the best job adverts, and ensure they are visible in the correct places and seen by the correct audience.

Quality applications mean quality employees, and in the first year of employment, you should see attrition levels reduced by more than 25% with the help of our recruitment software.

Higher Job Board Ranking

By ensuring that your job advert is keyword optimised for your specific job role and industry, we can guarantee that more high quality candidates will see it and apply.

Higher job board ranking is a tricky one, but with our Talent Acquisition Software it will become second nature to get your job adverts right the first time you post them.

More information on our Talent Attraction tools here.

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Find High Quality Candidates

Built into our Talent Acquisition platform is the absolute best in CV Parsing and Grading. This software will automatically grade the applicants as soon as they arrive in your dashboard, so the very best candidates are moved to the top of your list immediately.

You can then use our smorgasbord of other screening tools to really narrow your options down and find the right candidate for your business. Find out more about what screening tools are available here.

Never Make a Bad Hire

Our technology will allow you the time and the tools to really understand the person you are about to hire. From ensuring they have the correct skills and abilities automatically, to narrowing down high quality candidates with our inbuilt screening tools.

The platform also allows you to collaborate with your hiring managers within the software, with functionality including the ability to write and see the notes on a candidate's profile. All of this reduces the chance of making a bad hire and therefore the cost of making a bad hire!

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