Proven Techniques to Improving Interview Attendance

Boost Your Interview Attendance

Through Methods Used by Industry Experts

In today’s competitive market, where the candidate is king, the way that you deal with prospective employees during the application process has become more critical to the outcomes, that you achieve than ever before.

Statistically, over 90% of applicants already have a job and the majority of these people are only passively exploring your opportunity and your brand.

That of course makes the majority of applicants susceptible to dropping out at any stage.

This short, powerful free guide, delivers a range of the most influential items that you will need to focus on to avoid losing the best talent:

These include:

  • When and where you can improve communications with the candidate
  • Great tactics for developing stronger relationships with the best applicants
  • Delivering task requests that don’t increase candidate drop out
  • The best things to do and say to aid candidate retention
  • Getting declined candidates talking about you positively
  • The definitive checklist for arranging an interview that will help you find the best candidates

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Remember, your perceived brand is going to develop in the mind of each applicant, and it will depend on the quality of your communications and engagement style during the selection process as to whether they are still interested at the end of the selection process.

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