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If we put a glance on all the remarkable technological advancements, it would be justifiable to state that humans have exponentially grown towards a better living style.  Considering all the tools and accessories that have been developed, humans have managed to elevate the efficiency of almost every field of life. Similarly, when it comes to leading a thriving corporate sector, the significance of the latest technological trends cannot be ignored. Moreover, the employees, or you can say the real assets of the enterprise, are the ones that help it to climb the ladder of success. To make the most of all the available high-tech software and tools in the market, incorporating it with the office can certainly help in elevating the over-all growth of the business.


The essence of leading a business to triumph is deliberately associated with the hard work of its employee. So, why not incorporate the latest technology in elevating their efficiency and productivity? Reviewing all the latest statistical reports, it is seen that all the preeminent enterprises have already evolved by incorporating high-tech and innovative business solutions. Without wasting any further of your time, let us jump to the most awaited part of the discussion.


Significance Of Automated Platforms

The implementation of all the high-tech and innovative solutions in increasing the efficiency of the workforce has a notable significance. Mechanized systems have not improved the working procedures, but have also exceptionally worked towards increasing the competence of the workforce.  Information technology, artificial intelligence, internet of things, etc., have collectively worked in reshaping corporate sectors. This has helped employees in staying out of the hassle of manual work, allowing them to make more reliable and authentic decisions.


How to Increase Employee Productivity With AI

Implementation of artificial intelligence and mechanized assistance could be the best approach for your business. This is the right time for the companies to bring AI triggered systems, to elevate and boost their productiveness towards betterment. Below mentioned are some of the most astounding aspects of AI and its significance in advancing employee’s productivity and performance.


1.     Track On-Screen Time

Businesses can increase the productivity of employees by implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning approved time tracker that automatically recognizes their working hours and assists them to keep a record of it. You can also consider using timesheets in professional spaces where it is hard in maintaining track of time. With the guidance of computer learning and artificial intelligence, you will encounter no more troubles from writing down sufficient hours on every plan.


2.     Review Frauds

Inside the business foundations of now, there is growing anxiety surrounding scams and similar attacks. Working with smart mechanization and high-tech robotics based on artificial intelligence, you can competently handle banking and investment companies to identify fraudsters and hinder revenue deterioration due to offensive purposes.


3.     Employee Onboarding

After all onboarding projects remain almost identical time after time, businesses are now moving these from representatives to robots. Numerous emails and constant tasks can be shifted towards automation using ML and AI, with the effective use of high-tech and advanced technology. This use of AI and ML can notably increase employee potency by delivering them low-value assistance.


4.     Automate Hiring

One of the most emphasizing factors for an organization is employee branding. The significance of enhancing the process of hiring can help the business to have active and robust mindsets. The process can be seemingly improved by incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, enabling the process to be fully automated. Following such procedures will not only help in reducing the pressure of the recruiter, but it will also help in the hiring of more eligible and competent staff for your forthcoming team. By the use of artificial intelligence, you can set up a program that can accept and reject CVs as per the requirement of the organization; removing the hassle of reviewing each resume one by one.


5.     Customer Engagement

The extensive use of ML and AI-powered systems based on Chatbot is hardly hidden from anyone. AI-based Chatbot is supporting enterprises to move towards automation, allowing different elements of their communication with consumers and clients. Thus, allowing for 24/7 appearance at decreased costs. Conversational selling is growing excessively, and corporations can write global customers with a multi-lingual Chabot. This has boosted employee productivity significantly and providing them to include intercommunications within their business.


6.     Measuring Employee Experience

Mapping employee participation is imperative to perform any AI-enabled operations within the system together. It is because automation leads to trigger concerns of job safety amongst the workforce, regardless of the competency and skills. Moreover, a conventional manner of receiving feedback before starting an application based on artificial intelligence and machine learning is to obtain an examination by arranging the employee net yearly or monthly score.


A renowned tool named as NPS is widely used to do the necessary survey, helping businesses design-related topics targeted towards their clients. The review outcomes should be responsible for indicating how considerably the employees are working and are capable of accepting these new changes in working culture. Allow these arrangements to be your model in the phase-wise artificial intelligence implementation programs of automated systems.


7.     Sales and Conversions

Business with a sales background needs to have a robust mechanism of dealing with traditional customers depending on logic and AI-based networks. Companies have been picking their workforce traditionally, not depending on logic and advanced algorithm systems. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can take the guesswork out of this comparison by recognizing businesses reps that should be prioritized.  As a consequence, sales partners are becoming more prolific and changing leads actively and effectively. It’s important to know the best time to make sales. For example, most custom essay writing service companies generate sales during semester season.


8.     Maintenance

Machine operators and suppliers are now attempting assets-as-a-facility, achieving results instead of errors and issues with machinery and AI systems only. These businesses are utilizing AI and ML in the pattern of sensors planted into tools to catch deficiencies before time. Where overtime is detected, the mission-critical machine operators need to divine the need for sustenance. By programming and predicting resources in advance, companies are obtaining improved potency by lessening downtime and redeeming price and time on additional maintenance ventures.



Considering all the facts mentioned earlier, we can rightly conclude that machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used effectively to make the right change. Similarly, when it comes to elevate and enhance productivity within the workforce; advanced and high-tech tools and systems could be used to fasten up the process.

John William

June 29, 2020

John William is an HR Executive at Dissertation Assistance, a top-rated platform for all kinds of academic and business writing assistance. He is committed to educate and inform HR professionals about the latest findings in the field of management science and how they can be implemented practically in the workplace.

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