Improve Performance

Our talent acquisition platform will help you reach your recruitment KPIs more efficiently. Whether you are looking to reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative duties, improve the way you work with the rest of your team, or have more dynamic reporting. Our software will make all that easier for you, improving performance across the board. The net result being more jobs filled in less time, 94% of all the jobs we post through our platform are filled in under 16 days.

Spend Your Time More Efficiently

From posting job adverts to offering the position to a candidate, all communication is done through the platform. Personalise your dashboard to send notifications when you have actions to complete, rather than constantly checking where you are in the pipeline. This means that you don’t need to spend time on unnecessary admin, ensuring the whole process is completed at a much quicker rate.

Find more information about Recruitment Management here.

Reduce the Time to Hire

Our platform is proven to have a 94% fill rate in under 16 days. This is because our software is efficient in presenting the applicants who are most suited to your role as soon as they arrive in your dashboard. You can then further refine those applicants by giving candidates star ratings and ensuring that the relevant hiring managers are reviewing them in a timely manner. Dramatically reducing the time it takes to hire candidates. More information on that here.

Collaborate Better With Your Team

Not only can you streamline your recruitment process in terms of the candidate, but you can also make life easier when collaborating with your team and agencies. All of your communication is kept within the system and specific permissions settings mean that you have control over what each user can see within the system. For more information on this visit Recruitment Management.

Dynamic Reporting

The platform’s dynamic reporting tools are easy to share with the wider team. With our reports, you can confidently measure against your recruitment KPI’s and adjust your recruitment strategy and budget to suit.

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