The award-winning talent acquisition platform designed for high-quality marketing and PR recruitment. Helping you quickly find and hire the best talent online for less, by combining an award-winning ATS with a powerful job board multi-poster.

Attract Talented Employees

Attracting employees with the skills and experience you need is vital in marketing and PR recruitment. Luckily, our platform can do all the work for you, equipped with a range of talent attraction tools designed to help you find only the best talent online.

Access our job advert generator to write adverts with the right structure, style, and tone to convert views into applications. Our team of experienced copywriters can also check your adverts before they go live, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

Increase Job Visibility

Other marketing and PR businesses are trying to recruit the best talent just like you, so you want to stand out. Improve your visibility online with the help of our powerful job multi-poster, designed to get your jobs in front of the right talent.

Appear across a network of over 4,500 job boards, including both premium and niche channels for marketing and PR recruitment. Reed, Jobsite, Indeed, and CV Library and many more channels where your ideal candidate will be are available for use, at a significantly reduced cost using the platform.

Reduce Candidate Drop Offs

Candidate drop offs during the hiring process can have a severe impact on your time and resources. We help you create an ideal experience for every candidate, so their journey is positive and the risk of drop off is reduced.

Keep in touch during vital parts of the hiring process with automated communication technology and other tools that help you identify and contact talented candidates quicker. Gain access to recruitment management tools that mean you never lose track of where you are with a candidate.

Screenshot of the SRO platform engaging with candidates via email

Improve Staff Retention

Low staff retention can become a real pain for your business, driving up recruitment spend, and time needed to train new staff. Our platform helps you hire staff that will fit into your business, based on a combination of skills, experience, and cultural fit.

You will gain access to a range of candidate screening tools built to find the right talent for your business. Behavioural assessments, video interviewing, and CV parsing and grading are just some of the tools that will automate your screening, and free up recruiter time for other important tasks.

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