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Smart Recruit Online can help you with all your marketing and PR recruitment needs, so you can start hiring the best candidates right away.


How can Smart Recruit Online help me with marketing and PR recruitment?

Our award-winning talent acquisition platform comes with the latest applicant tracking software and job board advertising tools needed to quickly find and hire the best marketing and PR professionals online for less. We help with everything from attracting the right candidates to screening and making an offer.

Visit our Features page for more information on our tools.


Can you help me reduce recruitment costs?

Definitely – we help you significantly improve your direct hiring process, so you can make better hiring decisions and reduce the need for expensive recruitment agencies. From advertising across over 4,500 of the most popular job boards at a reduced cost, to writing the perfect job advert that will convert, all while only attracting the best marketing and PR professionals for your vacancies.

Find out more about how we help you reduce costs here.


Can you help me increase the number of quality candidates I get?

Our platform guides you to implement the best practices for marketing and PR recruitment. Your roles will be promoted on the right channels, and you will be able to accurately assess candidates with a range of screening tools, matching candidates on skills, behaviour and cultural fit, all key indicators of candidate quality.

Find out more about how we help you increase candidate quality here.


Can you help me improve my marketing and PR recruitment performance?

Smart Recruit Online is designed to reach your most important recruitment KPIs more efficiently. Your whole team can access the platform, view dynamic reports, and have their say in the candidate selection process. This all makes your recruitment process more efficient, so you can avoid losing talented marketing and PR professionals to your competitors.

Find out more about how we help you improve recruitment performance here.


Can you help me enhance my candidate experience?

Our platform comes equipped with the tools you need to communicate with each and every candidate easily. You can set up automated SMS and email responses at vital points, so no candidate is disappointed and your employer brand is protected. Built-in recruitment management tools mean you never lose track of where candidates are in your process.

Find out more about how we help you enhance your candidate experience here.


Can I make multiple hires for one fixed recruitment fee?

Absolutely – you can make multiple hires from a single job advert post. All the CVs you get will be added to your own candidate database, which you can then use to pull suitable candidates from for any of your future roles.


Is it cheaper to buy media from Smart Recruit Online than directly from job boards?

Yes, it is – we have relationships with more than 4,500 job boards. This means we can negotiate better discounts and be competitive on pricing. You simply select the type of job board network you want your vacancy to go on, and we do all the work for you.


Is Smart Recruit Online fully GDPR compliant?

Yes, you can refer to our GDPR policy here.


What happens when I sign up for a free trial?

When you sign up for a free 12 week trial you will immediately get access to our suite of recruitment tools. The Smart Recruit Online team will then get in touch with the option to talk you through all the tools and features available.


What happens when I book a demo?

When you book a demo of the platform, one of our consultants will give you a virtual walkthrough of the platform tailored to your specific recruitment objectives. These are typically 45 minutes to 1 hour long with no hard selling – if you like what you see you can trial the platform for free!

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