The award-winning talent acquisition platform built for high-volume, high-quality sales recruitment. Helping you quickly find and hire the best talent online for less, by combining an award-winning ATS with a powerful job board multi-poster.

Recruit at a high volume

With one of the biggest challenges in sales recruitment being filling high volume positions, our platform is designed to help. You gain access to a suite of tools that automate parts of your hiring process without sacrificing applicant quality.

Automated candidate screening, communication and grading and ranking of applicants avoid the need to do this manually, and fast track you to the best candidates.

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Reduce agency spend

It’s no secret that using agencies can really drive up the cost of recruitment. We help you employ more sales professionals directly, so you can stop relying on expensive agencies, and start spending your recruitment budget wisely.

Post your jobs across a wide network of over 4,500 job boards at a much lower cost. Gain access to your very own CV database, where you can store any CVs you receive for repeat roles in the future. Reduce the financial risk of making a bad hire, with a range of advanced candidate screening tools.

the smart recruit online recruitment screening software

Increase candidate quality

Recruiting sales professionals with the skills and experience you need is essential. We help ensure you attract and hire the right talent for your business, by giving you more exposure to a larger talent base.

We have the widest network of job board advertising in the UK, reaching thousands of candidates at the click of a button. This includes niche and more premium job boards like Indeed, Jobsite, Reed and more. Our team of copywriters can then ensure your job gets seen by the right talent, with keyword targeting and other SEO techniques.

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Reduce candidate drop offs

The cost of candidate drop offs to time and resources is high. Our platform helps you craft the ideal candidate journey, so they experience your brand positively, and the risk of drop off is lowered.

Gain access to recruitment management software so you never lose track of where you are with a candidate. Get in touch during vital parts the hiring process, using automated communication tools and other technologies that speed up the recruitment process.

Start streamlining your recruitment process

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