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Before working with us, JCB were spending over £3,500 per new hire. They wanted to reduce costs and centralise all their recruitment activity to improve their in-house recruitment efficiency. Using the Smart Recruit Online talent acquisition platform, JCB were able to attract quality candidates and significantly reduce their recruitment spend.


Key Takeaways


JCB was established in 1996, as the Southeast of England’s premier dealer of JCB construction and industrial machinery. They are proud to have a fully trained, experienced, and highly knowledgeable workforce. It is therefore essential that standards in the recruitment process are met to maintain a high-quality workforce across all parts of their business.


Before working with Smart Recruit Online

JCB were hiring 48 people a year on average, with 80% through recruitment agencies and 20% through other methods, such as staff referrals. This was costing them over £3,500 per new hire, equating to £168,000 in recruitment costs per year.


JCB wanted to:


After working with Smart Recruit Online

JCB were introduced to Smart Recruit Online in early 2014. At the time of writing, they have completed a 18 recruitment campaigns using the platform.


Increased applications

In their initial use of the platform, an office-based support role received 234 applications. JCB noted that their reach and engagement had widened across a sizeable geographical region.


For their most recent roles, JCB found they received a high volume of good quality candidates. With these candidates, they were able to generate a talent pool to quickly and easily revisit and pull from for future roles.


Improved efficiency

While impressed with the increased volume of quality applications, JCB’s HR Manager explained this would have been a logistical nightmare to manage previously. However, with the Smart Recruit Online platform, they found managing candidates quick and easy.


The platform’s screening tools graded candidates accurately into the correct order of suitability, so they were fast-tracked to the best candidates.


JCB were also impressed with how quickly they could professionally decline unsuitable candidates at the click of a button, sending personalised emails, and protecting the JCB brand as a responsible employer.


It was summarised that the platform was very easy to use, with minimal training required for users.


Since committing to Smart Recruit Online as their preferred recruitment platform, JCB have opted for a customised and branded dashboard. This

reflects their corporate brand and provides quick and easy access to the relevant ‘why work for us’ information, videos and brochures, as well as their website and social channels.


We have also activated a feed directly into their careers page so that visitors to their website will always be able to search, find and apply to live jobs within the organisation.


Reduced recruitment costs

JCB have saved tens of thousands of pounds in reduced recruitment costs, and have significantly reduced their need to use external recruitment agencies.


They now have far better control of their recruitment activities, greater advertising exposure, and are operating a highly efficient, world class recruitment service that reflects the JCB brand.


Final thoughts

JCB have said the SRO customer support team have far exceeded their expectations.


“They are always friendly, knowledgeable and prompt when responding to requirements or queries. JCB have enjoyed using Smart Recruit Online as a service and have said “I would recommend Smart Recruit Online as a fantastic platform to any HR team, or in house recruitment function”


To find out how Smart Recruit Online can enhance your recruitment process, book a demo with us today.



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